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    نقاشی حرفه ای صورت چند رنگ

    2,144,000 تومان 3,832,000 تومان
    Instantly infuses sparkle and style to any look, day or night
    Vibrant glitter makeup for the face and body
    An amazingly light and creamy primer that acts as an adhesive to keep glitter in place

    قرمز خون جعلی با کیفیت تئاتر

    1,517,000 تومان 5,454,000 تومان
    Highly pigmented powder texture offers intensive coverage
    Provides a high definition dimension to the eye and cheek area
    Glides on smoothly to provide volume and definition to your lips

    استیک 8 تکه رنگ صورت متالیک بنفش/آبی/سبز

    6,646,000 تومان
    Turn heads with this glow-in-the-dark glitter gel
    Comes in a variety of different neon colours
    Cruises an innovative brush which provides even coverage in a single stroke
    Perfect for halloween, cosplay, festivals

    Creature Liquid Latex Clear

    2,681,000 تومان 4,958,000 تومان
    Serves as the perfect stain to pair underneath your makeup
    Renders a smudge-proof coverage for a long lasting effect
    Includes active ingredients which are regenerative in nature

    رنگ روغن حرفه ای صورت و بدن رنگ عمیق

    3,449,000 تومان
    With this color paint create the best crazy look
    All cosmetics doesn't cause allergic reactions
    This color has been enjoyed by millions of colored dust, worldwide

    ست آرایشی 4 تکه رنگ آرایشی بژ/نقره ای/صورتی

    6,018,000 تومان
    Perfect for halloween, cosplay, festivals
    Comes in a variety of different neon colors
    Ultimate solution for turning your face into your favourite comic character or a piece of art

    Collodion سفت و سخت برای جلوه های ویژه با Brush Clear

    3,656,000 تومان

    واکس اسکار آرایش با نمایشگاه کاردک

    5,833,000 تومان

    رنگ بدن خون تقلبی قرمز

    2,751,000 تومان

    رنگ های آرایشی

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