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    ماسک های صورت

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    ماسک صورت با فیلتر کربن فعال خاکی

    962,000 تومان 2,443,000 تومان
    Designed and crafted to provide the highest levels of air purification
    Four-layer activated carbon filtration system technology
    Antibacterial & antiviral with particle matter filter (PM 2.5-0.3) filter protection
    Offers protection from pollution, fine dust, harmful gasses and allergen
    Soft cushioned nose strip for comfort
    Inner adjustable noseband for a contoured face fit
    Adjustable/removable head strap
    Can be approximately used for between 3 to 12 months
    Reusable mask can be wiped down with a soapy warm cloth

    لوگو ماسک صورت M/L (بسته 3 عددی)

    1,283,000 تومان 1,702,000 تومان
    Soft and breathable polyester blend fabric
    Stretchable ear straps for secure fit
    Washable for daily use
    Comes in a pack of 3
    Wash according to care label instructions
    adidas signature branding detail

    ماسک های صورت

    Filters Clear All