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    فر و صاف کننده مو مشکی

    5,257,000 تومان
    Adjustable temperature: 6 settings ranging from 140C to 235C
    Automatic shut off and plate locking mechanism for added safety
    Comes with an adjustable temperature setting and a digital screen for precise and desired results
    Straightener curler with a digital screen for precise adjustments and automatic shut-off
    Plate locking mechanism for added safety and swivel cord
    Voltage is 220-235V

    صاف کننده سرامیکی حرفه ای مو مشکی

    4,227,000 تومان 5,283,000 تومان
    Designed to exude even heat distribution without damaging the hair cuticles
    Fosters ceramic plates that enable you to straighten your hair swiftly and efficiently
    Well contoured handhold offers a firm grip for optimised control over the straightener
    Universal voltage of 220-240 V AC for worldwide use and operated by 230 degree c temperature
    Accelerated ionic protect dry hair even faster while adding more luster and shine

    Ultra Slim 22 Protect Straightner ST325SDE Black 284g

    2,774,000 تومان 3,936,000 تومان
    Versatile design helps you try out new hairstyle without causing any damage to your hair
    Designed to dry the hair effectively without damaging the follicles
    Offers to leave your hair feeling smooth and providing a lustrous shine
    Sprucely crafted to cover more skin with every stroke for faster hair removal
    Well contoured handle proffer a firm grip
    Voltage is 120-240V 60hz and maximum heat is up to is 230 degree
    Straightner has hot function

    آهنی صاف کننده سرامیکی H1500 خاکستری/قهوه ای

    22,641,000 تومان
    Ceramic plates renders an even and consistent temperature for safe application
    Shields hair from further breakage while creating healthier-looking hair in less time
    Well contoured handhold offers a firm grip for optimised control over the curler

    صاف کننده موی SuperStyler Onyx مشکی

    8,186,000 تومان
    Serves to straighten, twist, curl and twirl your hair for endless hair styling options
    Articulated with variable temperature settings for controlled styling
    Confers defined locks that are smooth, shiny and frizz-free
    Endowed with premium ceramic heating surface to minimise hair damage
    Parades the negative ion technology that replenishes hair making it silky

    آهن تخت با فناوری ضد وز تراپی سفید

    14,356,000 تومان
    Ditch the frizz with Remington's 1" Flat Iron with Anti-Frizz Therapy Technology
    1 inch straightener features 450°F floating ceramic plates infused with micro-conditioners
    These frizz-resistant conditioners are transferred onto the hair when used and lead toward as much as 65% less frizz

    خاکستری آهنی تخت

    5,257,000 تومان
    Offers multiple different modes that enables you to get your desired style
    Contoured and wide handle provides firm grip
    Helps you achieve salon quality hairstyles while maintaining a healthy look
    It has 450°F maximum temperature
    Features with 5 heat settings

    صاف کننده حرفه ای مو سفید/رزگلد/مشکی 1 کیلوگرم

    2,919,000 تومان 3,645,000 تومان
    Features a unique design that makes it a volumizing styler straightening
    Offers you can easily straighten your hair without making your hair look too flat or thin
    Features voltage capacity of 220-240V, and frequency of 50/60Hz
    With the help of this hair straightener, you can easily straighten your hair without making your hair look to flat or thin
    Circular plates quickly heat up to 200-C

    صاف کننده مو رزگلد/مشکی

    6,027,000 تومان 6,167,000 تومان
    Well contoured handle proffers you with a firm grip and optimised control
    Equipped with a gentle superior coating to offer optimal protection from the heat
    Profound plates efficiently glide through the hair
    Perfect glide even temperature repartitioninstant heat up and homogeneous heat repartition

    اتو مو صاف کننده

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