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    منجوق بدلیجات دمپایی بژ

    1,294,000 تومان
    Inner cushion made of breathable materials
    Features anti skid and comfortable soles for long walks or jogs
    Adorned with shinning rhinestone for a charming look
    Blends perfectly with all casual dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, etc
    Vamp pinch design adds a fashionable touch to your summer travel outfits

    فلیپ فلاپ لاستیکی کلاسیک سفید

    2,111,000 تومان 2,838,000 تومان

    اسلایدهای لاستیکی آبی/سفید

    1,953,000 تومان 3,065,000 تومان
    Sole of this pair is strongly built that will ensure to give stability to your feet
    A trendy pair sets you apart in a crowd and transform you into a style icon
    Uniquely designed footwear gives you the comfort you need with the style you want
    Furthermore, the grooved outsole will provide better atraction on the different surfaces
    With a beautiful design and an attractive color, this pair will go well with all your favorite outfits

    فلیپ فلاپ ریوالی مشکی

    2,883,000 تومان 7,016,000 تومان

    جزئیات نشان‌واره، سرسره‌های صاف با پنجه باز سفید/مشکی

    2,248,000 تومان 4,972,000 تومان
    Slip-on style allows easy donning and doffing
    Designed with grooved footbed for utmost comfort
    Croslite upper adds both comfort and durability
    Patterned outsole for optimal traction
    Suitable for casual wear

    اسلایدهای Dalmatian Strappy Brown

    2,475,000 تومان 6,136,000 تومان

    اسلاید انگشت مربع با چاپ لوپ پلنگی چند رنگ

    2,588,000 تومان 8,336,000 تومان

    فلیپ فلاپ انگشت باز Swiftwater مشکی

    2,248,000 تومان 4,972,000 تومان
    Designed with sleek straps for better breathability
    Slip-on design for easy donning and doffing
    Foam cushioning provides all-day comfort
    Open-toe design for better breathability
    Patterned outsole provides a better grip

    فلیپ فلاپ انگشت باز Swiftwater مشکی

    3,247,000 تومان 4,972,000 تومان
    Outsole with flex grooves allows for easier range of motion
    Water-friendly construction helps keep your feet dry
    Open-toe design ensures excellent airflow
    Slip-on style enables easy on and off
    Crafted in fully moulded Croslite for added comfort


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