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    روغن ماساژ مغذی ماوادرما برای ناخن شفاف 10 میلی لیتر

    2,395,000 تومان
    Contains vitamin E rich wheat germ oil, which is nourishing and strengthening
    Contains olive oil, which improves the nail structure and sweet almond oil, which is emollient, regenerating and remineralising
    Free from formaldehyde, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate and paraben

    محافظ ناخن شفاف

    2,603,000 تومان
    Ideal for use after nails have been removed
    Always with a penetrating treatment to stimulate growth and hardness
    Correctly regenerate and strengthen itself by applying it
    Developed to give nails resistance
    Strong physical protection to protect nails from daily tasks

    کرم کوتیکول سفید 15 میلی لیتر

    1,796,000 تومان
    Softens and beautifies cuticles
    The Nail Protecting Them From All Kinds Of Attacks And Infections
    It Is A High Quality Anti-Aging Moisturizer Cream

    روغن مغذی مراقبت از پوست ماواپن 4.5 میلی لیتر

    1,926,000 تومان
    Long-lasting action provides a feeling of freshness durably
    Helps lighten skin and reduces the colour intensity
    Highly concentrated vitamin C provides its antioxidant and protecting benefits

    ریج پرکننده پاک می شود

    1,380,000 تومان
    Fills ridges and irregularities and evens out nail surface
    Matifying pigments and ridge fillers over the rough fibers and smooth the nail surface
    Satiny and matt effect, works well for men and women
    Apply one or more coats to smooth nail surface before polish
    Precisely engineered to render a superior level of service

    سفید کننده ناخن اپتیکال 10 میلی لیتر

    1,484,000 تومان
    Special formulation of MAVA-WHITE hides the unsightly aspect of stained, dull nails, while giving them a natural look
    An optical colour perfector for the nails thanks to a specific optical azurant that react to UV light
    Used as a base under a nail polish, it restores its true shade : no more colour that turns into a dirty beige, a dubious yellow or a dull red
    Applied on non yellowed, non stained nails, it will give an original bluish effect
    As it dries it becomes matt and so also suits men whose nails have been stained or yellowed, perhaps due to nicotine, and who are concerned about the appearance of their nails

    ست 3 مهمانی لاک ناخن بر پایه آب Piglou/Polly/Gaston

    2,577,000 تومان 2,837,000 تومان

    ماوا استاپ 10 میلی لیتر

    1,302,000 تومان

    مداد رنگی ناخن سفید

    1,302,000 تومان

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