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    عینک مطالعه

    مشاهده به عنوانن جدول فهرست
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    عینک مطالعه با قاب مستطیلی نیمه حاشیه

    1,614,000 تومان 4,243,000 تومان
    Soft nose pads eliminate any stress that may occur from the weight of the glasses
    Full rimmed frame provides complete protection to the lens from all angles
    High-grade frame sports shatter-resistant capability
    Ergonomic hinges impart flexibility and help in the adjustment of the frame

    عینک ضد تشعشع مربع کامل ریم

    1,729,000 تومان 3,132,000 تومان
    UV protected lens will protect your eyes from the harmful sunrays and pollution
    High quality hinges allow the sunglass to fold inward without any hassle
    High-grade frame sports shatter-resistant anti-radiation capability
    Rim type of glasses is full rim