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    عینک سه بعدی

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    عینک شاتر فعال سه بعدی بی سیم مشکی

    4,360,000 تومان 7,098,000 تومان
    Sturdy bridge distributes the weight of the glasses evenly
    Robust design of the temples make it comfortable for you to wear
    Offers you with a hassle-free 3D viewing experience
    Renders an enjoyable experience of watching movies and playing games
    User can experience 3D visual effect at home without going to cinema

    واقعیت مجازی شیشه سه بعدی سفید/مشکی

    1,399,000 تومان
    360-Degree view, ultra-cool Panoramic Image, Bring you different funny, your first Virtual World will be there
    Arealer VR Glasses is specially designed for Smart Phones and can add great effect to the movie-going experience
    Convert 2D Movie into 3D Movies in an instant, offering you private IMAX 3D Cinema, super 3D Picture Effect and Wonderful Feeling
    Arealer VR Glasses comes with 42mm Optical Resin Lens with Special Treatment
    Adjustable Interpupillary Distance, satisfying different groups of people

    عینک شاتر فعال سه بعدی DLP بنفش/نقره ای

    6,179,000 تومان 7,540,000 تومان

    عینک سه بعدی

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