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    استیک سلفی آلیاژ آلومینیوم قابل افزایش با سه پایه و گیره تلفن GP-MNP-090-S

    1,796,000 تومان
    Aluminum alloy stick with 5 extension rods, fordable and extendable design & pocket purse size makes it portable and practical
    Multi-angle:180° Rotation helps to capture every wonderful moment.
    Multi-Function: Used with 3-Way Monopod Tripod Mount.
    Built-in wrist strap prevents monopod falling off accidently
    Specification:Maximum operating height: 35.4 inches (90cm) Minimum operating height: 7.9 inches (20cm) Folded height: About 7.9 inches (20cm) Phone Clip:for phone size of 4inch to 5.5inch max. Net weight: 150g Max operating load: 1kg/2.2lbs Number of leg sections: 3 Material: aviation aluminum alloy

    چوب سلفی دستی فیبر کربن بلند 106 اینچی مونوپاد GP-MNP-270 قابل گسترش

    2,317,000 تومان
    Easy to use for selfie and get cool shots of you with your friends., NBR grip on top of monopod for increase handling., Super Long 106 inch selfie stick with 5 extension rods, fordable design & compact size just make it portable and practical.
    This selfie stick can be used at 56cm/22inch ,120cm/47inch, 200cm/78inch,270cm/106 inch only, it can not be used in any intermediate position.,
    Made with High Quality Carbon Fiber makes it Strong & Durable.
    180° Rotation helps to capture every wonderful moment.
    Sales Package: 1 x 270 Super Long Selfie Stick 1 x Thumbscrew 1 x Nylong Bag 1 x Storage Case

    شارژر باتری برای دوربین GoPro Hero 10/9 GP-BCG-902

    1,380,000 تومان
    Input Power: 5V/2A
    Output Power: 4.4V/800mA×3
    3 channel charger slot for charging 3 batteries at the same time, convenient and time-saving, compatible with original batteries
    5V/2A input power, quick to charge, can be fully charged within 2 hours. Portable small size, easy to carry around with you during trip
    LED light instruction, red light indicates charging, green light indicates charging is finished. The battery charger supports multiple functions such as overcharge protection, over current protection, over discharge protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, recovery protection, low voltage protection, overpower protection, etc

    فیلتر پلاریزه کننده برای GoPro Hero 9 مشکی، محافظ لنز فیلتر پلاریزه کننده دایره ای CPL برای Go Pro 9 لوازم جانبی GP-FLT-901

    1,640,000 تومان
    Material: Aviation Aluminum Alloy
    Filter is specially designed for GoPro Hero 9 Black
    Durable, with one protective film to keep the lens clear in transportation.
    Multi-layer coating optical glasses with aircraft aluminium frame
    Photo filter effect type: Polarizer

    H9 4K Ultra HD Wi-Fi 12MP اسپرت و دوربین اکشن مشکی

    2,265,000 تومان 3,124,000 تومان
    Water-resistant up to 30 meters under water
    IP68 certified high definition screen
    12 MP HD Wide-Angle Lens
    Detachable battery that is easy to replace

    دوربین اکشن ورزشی Wi-Fi 4K با لوازم جانبی

    13,895,000 تومان 24,381,000 تومان
    Perfect camera for capturing priceless moments in any situation
    Compact structure allows you to carry it anywhere with you
    Ideal for everything from portraits to landscape
    Makes a great travelling companion

    سیستم میکروفون دوگانه بی سیم 2.4 گیگاهرتز

    17,547,000 تومان

    فلاش قابل حمل AD300PRO

    37,868,000 تومان

    سر گرد فلش V1 TTL برای Canon

    23,990,000 تومان

    دوربین های ورزشی و اکشن

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