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    غلطک مو

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    غلتک داغ سریع 2 تکه پرو با گیره مشکی/بنفش

    4,556,000 تومان 7,164,000 تومان
    Ceramic-infused technology for heat transfer and long-lasting curls
    Achieves beautiful curls and waves
    Strengthens the hair shaft to prevent breakage
    Effectively detangles wet hair rendering it a smooth and silky feeling
    Smoothens hair cuticles to reduce frizz making it softer and shinier

    سشوار 5 در 1 یک مرحله ای حالت دهنده خاکستری/صورتی

    1,840,000 تومان

    فر کننده اتوماتیک مو فر مو موج بزرگ

    2,129,000 تومان 4,556,000 تومان
    Four gear temperature selection, can be switched at will to meet the modeling needs of different hair quality. Intelligent constant temperature technology is adopted to ensure that the temperature is always stable and avoid damage to hair quality due to sudden high and low heat.
    Wireless hair curling stick, USB charging, easy to use. With standard type-C interface, most mobile phone charging cables can be used to charge through mobile power supply, adapter or computer.
    Built in large capacity battery, fully charged, easy to complete the overall shape.
    Long lasting curly hair, charm is always online.

    ابزار بی سیم حالت دهنده فر مو

    2,129,000 تومان 5,243,000 تومان
    【4 Temperature Setting & More Convenient Accessories for All Hairstyles】The automatic curling iron provide 4 different temperature settings, from 320°F to 428°F(160℃-220℃), to fit different hair hardness and type. Built in Auto-timer allows you to choose suitable time to create tight to loose curls and waves.
    【Anti-Scalding & Anti-Tangling & Anti-Stuck】The automatic hair curling iron is built-in a smart magnetic induction motor, which will stop work to prevent the hair from being tangled and pulled if curls too much hair or work incorrectly. Then press the opposite button to release the hair. Double-layered heat protection cover is designed to prevent burning on your fingers or face.
    【Time Saving & No Skill Need】Upgraded 1” larger barrel and larger U-shaped slot help you curl more hair at each time. Especially suitable for long hair and soft hair. This auto hair curler adopts one-button curling design to suit people of all ages with or without any experience! No skill is needed, all you need to do is put some hair in, press the side button and hold it for a while, then you can get yourself charming wave hair within 8s.
    【No Dead Battery & 30min Auto Shut-off】 There is no need to worry about the dead battery because we specially design 2m swivel power cord for this hair curler. This rotating curling wand will automatically shut off if no operation detected within 30mins, maximum your safety, give you a stress-free operation.
    【Hair Care Technology & Perfect Gift】The hair curler is made of professional ceramic tourmaline, it can produce a potent mass of negative ions to seal moisture into your hair and protect each cuticle, maximum eliminate frizz and prevent the high temperature from damaging your hair. This curling iron set is also an ideal gift for women, especially the beach waves curling iron are very popular among girls. It will be a big surprise when your girlfriend/wife/mother receives it.

    برس هوای گرم №535

    4,825,000 تومان 6,846,000 تومان
    Styling accessories for large waves, XXL volume or curls: 1. Round brush attachment ø 50 mm for high-volume waves 2. Round brush attachment ø 38 mm for long-lasting volume 3. Round brush attachment ø 22 mm with retractable bristles for consistent curls 4. Styling nozzle for fast dryling
    1,200 W power
    Air fl ow infused with argan oil & keratin for perfectly shiny hair
    Cool shot fi xates and gives more hold

    شانه هوای داغ فر موی 3 در 1

    1,763,000 تومان 4,556,000 تومان
    Multifunctional: it can dry hair, straighten hair, curl hair, fluffy hair roots, multi-purpose and changeable modeling.
    Efficient heating: 10 seconds fast heating, two adjustable temperatures (80-150 degrees), fast and lasting shaping.
    Safe and convenient to use: anti scalding shell to prevent hot hands. 360 degree rotatable connector for easy use.
    Healthy hair care: evenly heated, dry hair, repair damaged hair scales.
    Fashionable and beautiful: simple appearance, simple operation and easy to carry.

    گیره موی هوشمند

    1,180,000 تومان 3,412,000 تومان
    IPX4 Water resistant
    Durable & Sharp adjustable razor
    High performance rechargeable battery
    Precise steel blades
    Charging time 2Hrs

    بسته 4 عدد غلتک مو مشکی 40 میلی متری

    2,404,000 تومان
    The soft grip Velcro O Rollers heat from the core so they re hot in the hair, not hot in your hands.
    A heat indication spot turns orange when the roller has reached its maximum heat and will turn back to grey once it is ready to be removed from the hair.
    These rollers heat up in less than 4 seconds in The O Pod and heat from the core so they’re hot in the hair but not to the touch ensures the rollers are easily applied into the hair.
    Create volume, body and movement; lightweight and nimble for maximum styling freedom.
    Suggested use with Cloud Nine O Pod.

    ست غلتکی گله سرامیکی 20 تکه Infiniti Pro Conair Instant Heat بنفش/مشکی/آبی

    8,516,000 تومان
    Features argan oil fusion for conditioning and less frizz
    Create glam waves and smooth curls with this one
    Infused with ceramic technology that provides smooth heat transfer

    غلطک مو

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