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    لایه بردار گل رز ملایم 50 میلی لیتر

    5,187,000 تومان
    Tested and clinically proven

    لایه بردار ژله انگور سیاه سوپرفود 50 میلی لیتر

    4,144,000 تومان
    Tested and clinically proven

    اسکراب صورت Sahraoui Cowrie Shells قهوه ای 100 گرم

    912,000 تومان 3,388,000 تومان
    This magical exfoliator with cowrie shells, honey, and pure argan oil deeply removes pigmentations and dark spots from the skin as it cleans, whitens, and lightens to give it freshness and smoothness.
    How To Use: Rub in circular motions as a scrub and rinse thoroughly.
    Conservation: External use, do not swallow. Do not apply on wounds, damaged skin. Adult use, keep out of reach of children. Keep away from light and heat.
    Precaution: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

    کرم پاک کننده Hydro Fresh Advanced Derma Care 100ml

    1,517,000 تومان 5,473,000 تومان
    Refresh and revitalise with the gentlemen's tonic advanced derma care hydro fresh cream cleanser; a non-foaming formula that works to eliminate dirt and pollution without stripping moisture Harnessing the powers of Sweet Almond Oil and Betaine (a naturally-derived amino acid), the lightweight cleanser penetrates deep into skin to dissolve impurities, unclog pores and clear hair follicles. Bacteria-banishing Bergamot Essential Oil controls excess sebum production so you can experience smooth, soft skin with increased suppleness
    Apply a pea size amount to the face and neck in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if desired
    Free from parabens, petroleum derivatives, animal extracts, synthetic perfumes and artificial colors/extracts

    ژل پاک کننده تقویت کننده Advanced Derma Care 100ml

    1,590,000 تومان 5,734,000 تومان
    Refresh and revitalise the skin withgentlemen's tonic's new invigorating gel cleanser. for all skin types especially oily & combination skin and can be used daily in the morning and evening
    Apply a pea size amount to the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water to foam, apply to face, neck and décolleté in circular motions
    Rinse thoroughly and repeat if desired. for best results follow with a toner and blot dry

    کرم صورت MSK spf 30-50 گرم

    1,824,000 تومان
    Daily moisturizer with UVA / UVB Protection.
    Enriched with Coenzyme Q-10 and Vitamin E.

    اسکراب صورت NIVEA MEN DEEP ضد جوش سر سیاه، کربن سیاه، 2x75ml

    1,388,000 تومان
    BLACK CARBON & SCRUB: Exfoliates and cleanses thoroughly into the pores, clears blackheads and impurities leaving your skin refreshed and clean
    MINIMIZE PORES: The powerful formula with black charcoal works like a magnet and is very effective in drawing out dirt, oil and pollutants from pores
    ANTI-GREASE: Absorbs excess oils from all parts of your face and helps to control sebum and reduce shine
    SCRUB FORMULA: Deep pore cleansing with cellulose based scrub beads to exfoliate dead skin and remove residue
    Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

    اسکراب برنج براق صورت NIVEA، پوست های خشک و حساس، برنج ارگانیک و تمشک زیستی، 2x75 میلی لیتر

    1,778,000 تومان
    ORGANIC RICE & BIO RASPBERRY: 100% natural origin exfoliants with rice-based scrub beads
    SCRUB FORMULA: mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells without skin irritation
    RESULT: refined, soft and radiant skin
    For DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN, suitable even for daily usage

    اسکراب روزانه 150 میلی لیتری کنترل نقاط شفاف سه تایی

    1,561,000 تومان 2,320,000 تومان
    Exfoliating beads prevent spot and breakouts from 1st wash
    Removes pore-clogging oil
    Helps to clear breakouts while soothing skin
    Leaves your skin clean and fresh
    Specifically formulated for young skin

    لایه بردار و اسکراب

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