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    ارگانایزر آرایشی اکریلیک 8 لایه قابل تنظیم، قفسه های چرخشی 360 درجه برای نگهداری جواهرات و عطرها

    805,000 تومان
    360 DEGREE ROTATING MAKEUP ORGANIZER: Perfectly organizes and stores your cosmetics and accessories. Easy access to all of your makeup products. It’s a Perfect Christmas Gift for your friends, family members and any makeup lovers.
    ADJUSTABLE & EASY TO INSTALL: Easy to be assembled and disassembled according to the User Manual, DIY the make up organizer and adjust the height of laminates as you like. Convenient to clean with Removable design and washable material.
    LARGE CAPACITY: Measures 15inch in height and 10.3inch in diameter (base) when assembled. Accommodates at least 60 makeup brushes, 30 skincare products and other accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner and more.
    STURDY & SAVER: Holding various personal beauty items in the bathroom takes up less room and make your living area tidy.

    جعبه نگهداری آرایش آرایشی نوع کشو با براش سازمان دهنده سبز

    2,298,000 تومان 4,032,000 تومان
    LUXURY AND MODERN DESIGN - This dust-free cosmetic storage box with a lid is unique and elegant, making your dressing table or bathroom more elegant and tidy
    LARGE CAPACITY WITH DRAWERS - Super large-capacity, suitable for high-bottled large-bottle water emulsion, sunscreen, and barrier cream
    ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY MATERIALS - Made of safe and nontoxic ABS and PS plastic, cosmetic organizer is excellent at withstanding scratch and drop impact. Thicker and More durable than traditional acrylic products
    PORTABLE WITH WATER AND DUST PROTECTION - The crystal-like transparent lid keeps your cosmetics away from dust and water, avoids dust and water stains, and is easy to clean
    STURDY AND DURABLE - Superior quality desk organizer, never deal with noisy drawers or a drawer that falls out easily; Top handle is strong and sturdy, no bending while carrying a full organizer and drawers stay closed while carrying

    جعبه آرایشی سبک ساده با آینه آرایشی LED ضد گرد و غبار محصولات مراقبت از پوست میز آرایش

    3,024,000 تومان 5,376,000 تومان
    Commodity characteristics foldable covered grid divided stackable
    Material plastic
    Storage scene table drawer bathroom bedroom living room carry on bathroom storage room

    قفسه Osmetic Rack قفس پرنده شکل دسکتاپ آرایشی قفسه سازمان دهنده

    2,150,000 تومان
    Using multiple at the same time can add more storage space to your living space
    Create instant storage solutions to help you make the most of every inch of available space while adding a clean, modern- looking desktop
    Waterproof and moisture-proof,, stable and not easy to fall off
    Increase storage in crowded work areas, shelves, closets, cabinets, etc

    سازمان دهنده آرایش دیواری بدون پانچ و ضد گرد و غبار جعبه ذخیره سازی لوازم آرایشی با ظرفیت بزرگ 41 x 37 x 12.5 سانتی متر

    2,016,000 تومان
    Dustproof & Waterproof: Elegant white body equipped portable handles, decorated with clear dustproof and waterproof lid, you can see what's in the top easily through the clear cover. Fit for vanity, bathroom counter or dresser.
    Large Capacity Storage: Big top tier for bottled cosmetics, three divided drawers for brush, jewelry, lipstick. Makeup organizer box with drawers keep clutter away on the countertop, as well as keep everything in one place for convenient using.
    Practical & Eco-friendly: Cosmetic storage case made of non-toxic ABS plastics, a high-quality shatter resistance safeguards against injury and damage. Modern and simple. It looks stylish with many convenient features.
    Perfect Gift: Organizes your cosmetics in the makeup organizer caddy, the perfect gift for mother, wife or women friend. Ideal for birthdays, New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day.

    6 رایزر اکریلیک شفاف را برای جواهرات و وسایل تزئینی بسته بندی کنید

    1,611,000 تومان 1,613,000 تومان
    Applications: these showcase display stands can be placed anywhere in your home, can be applied to display jewelry, and they can be put at the party cupcakes, arts and crafts such as some items needed to show, stands out the displaying effect
    Perfect Design and Visual Experience - The display riser stands were made of super clear acrylic plexiglass. The see-through design displays your items without detracting attention. Can be put at the curio cabinet, retail store, wedding or brithday party, tea party, dining room cabinet, showcase, and trade shows, so you can enjoy a floating visual experience of the displayed.
    Reusable & Easy to Clean - They are laser cut so finished with a shiny & smooth edge all round, Easy to clean, you don't have to buy more if it gets dirty. Will save you money down the road!
    Include 6 pack acrylic risers. Each size 2 pack. Small:8.1"L×1.3"H×3"W, Middle:8.6"L×3"H×3"W, Large:9"L×4.4"H×3"W.

    جعبه لوازم آرایشی قابل حمل سازمان‌دهنده لوازم آرایش مسافرتی با روکش آینه چراغ‌دار LED لوازم آرایشی

    1,532,000 تومان 2,124,000 تومان

    جعبه نگهداری لوازم آرایشی با ظرفیت بزرگ با LED سبز آینه

    3,951,000 تومان 9,348,000 تومان
    This cosmetic cabinet has large capacity and can put high bottles of make-up water and cream. In addition, there are various sizes of partitions, which can store lipstick, mask, eye shadow, cosmetic tools, necklace and earrings at the same time.
    The storage cabinet is made of wear-resistant materials and is durable. The USB charging interface is convenient to use.

    کیف های آرایشی

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