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    پایه حلقه برای لنز Canon FD 6 .5x2.9x6.5cm مشکی

    1,622,000 تومان 3,244,000 تومان
    Adjustable lens aperture, you need to adjust the aperture manually
    Full-frame adapter aperture hole design, perfectly supports for full-frame camera
    Supplied with lens release lever to quick release and install
    Made with high quality material ensure durability
    Easy to lock and unlock on the lens and to controls

    حلقه آداپتور پایه لنز فوکوس خودکار برای دوربین کانن مشکی

    3,214,000 تومان 3,657,000 تومان
    Aperture exactly being aligned via the mount adapter
    Greatest conductivity due to gold-plated pins for the signal transmitting
    Support for slow auto focus function, TTL, auto exposure and auto aperture. Comes with anti-shake function
    Non-glare matte finish on the interior further preventing lens flare
    Made up of high quality material making it durable and long lasting

    حلقه آداپتور محافظ برای دوربین Canon DSLR سفید

    7,526,000 تومان
    One side of this ring fits in camera body And then camera lens fits on it
    Used to take photographs of insects or other small objects
    Gives you smooth surface for effortless mount
    Allows you to mount of front threaded lens in reverse on the camera body
    Reversing the lens greatly increases the macro reproduction capabilities

    حلقه آداپتور برای لنز Contax/Yashica C/Y-Mount به دوربین بدون آینه EOS R/RP RF-Mount Canon مشکی/نقره‌ای

    2,742,000 تومان 3,480,000 تومان
    Manual lens mount adapter allows for Canon EOS EF-Mount compatible with Canon EOS R/RP RF-Mount Mirrorless Camera
    With this lens adapter you can use other mount types of lens with your RF-Mount mirrorless digital camera
    Aluminum alloy material precision-machining to ensure perfect mounting tightness and durability
    The inside surface of the lens adapter is painted with extinction paint which can reduce light reflection to increase the quality of image
    Easy to install and flexible to use, the lens adapter is super economical and practical

    حلقه آداپتور برای Canon EOS M1/M2/M3/M5/M6/M10 مشکی

    2,654,000 تومان 3,598,000 تومان
    Fast and Accurate Auto Focus: The lens mount adapter comes with the gold-plated contacts, which can help connect your EF lens to fit for Canon EOS M camera, perfectly supports AF and makes your old lens a new face.
    Support IS Function: Built-in IS stability function, making your focus more precise and clear, which better help you take pictures.
    EXIF Parameter Transmitting: It can transmit the EXIF signals, after connected to the Can0n lens, you can see the relevant parameter, such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure parameters, etc.
    Support Electronic Aperture Adjustment: Support aperture control, you can adjust the aperture from EOS M camera directly to control the lens' actual aperture. The adapter currently supports for Canon electromagnetic aperture EF-mount lens and traditional lever aperture lens.
    Made of aluminium alloy, powerful and stable, after connecting with the lens, it won't deform after repeated using, which is strong and durable. 1/4 inch standard thread at the bottom, convenient for connection with tripod and other supports.

    مجموعه فیلتر FS-28U برای دوربین های فیلمبرداری ZR 100/200/300 و Elura 40MC/50 مشکی

    3,951,000 تومان 11,998,000 تومان
    Constructed with premium quality material that ensures prolonged usage
    Flawless contoured edges renders hardcore durability
    Highlights the amalgamation of durability and lightweight attributes in a slim form factor

    فیلتر متغیر قابل تنظیم ND2 به ND400 برای دوربین 67 میلی متری مشکی DSLR Canon/Nikon

    2,759,000 تومان 2,816,000 تومان
    Compact shape allows you to carry it along with you without any hassle
    Amazing durability on which you can always bank upon
    Delivers unmatched performance that you had always desired

    مجموعه تنظیم دمای رنگ LED فیلتر نور چند رنگ

    1,833,000 تومان 2,619,000 تومان
    Perfect for photographers to pursue different shooting effects
    These color filters can change the color temperature of the light to provide color light for background
    Filters in different color can create different color temperature lighting effect

    فیلتر ND قابل تنظیم متغیر 2 در 1 برای لنز 72 میلی متری سیاه و سفید دوربین Canon/Sony/Nikon

    2,654,000 تومان 4,423,000 تومان
    Combining ND filter with CPL filter to realize multi-purpose function of one filter
    Index marks on the edge of filter for exact adjustment
    Filter has a frame self-locking technology

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