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    حجم و بافت

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    AND مایع بدن 14 150 میلی لیتر

    1,420,000 تومان 1,554,000 تومان
    Composed of natural active ingredients that help create volume during styling
    Provides the hairstyle with a healthy and glossy appearance
    Detangles and protects hair from blow dryer heat

    لوسیون Light Hold Texture 250ml

    2,167,000 تومان 2,680,000 تومان
    Fibrous texture makes it easier to get the look you want
    Also brings about a natural shine to your hair
    Gives a strong hold and makes your hair soft, smooth

    فیبر موی پوشاننده خاکستری روشن 15 گرم

    2,707,000 تومان 5,172,000 تومان
    Fills the thinned area and bald spots with fibre hair
    Simple and efficient way of dealing with hair loss problems
    Specially-made fibres stick perfectly to the head
    Soothe your scalp and reduce itching

    حجم آپلود Osis 200ml

    1,323,000 تومان 1,654,000 تومان

    OSiS+ Big Blast Volume 200ml

    1,219,000 تومان 3,082,000 تومان

    OSiS+ Volume Up Texture 250ml

    2,680,000 تومان

    OSiS+ Upload Volume Cream 200ml

    911,000 تومان 2,546,000 تومان

    فیبر رشد مو مشکی 27.5 گرم

    3,216,000 تومان 10,359,000 تومان
    Instantly gives you the look of thicker and fuller hair
    Naturally coloured protein intertwines with your hair for a more natural finish
    Naturally coloured protein is statically charged

    Structure Strong Hold بافت 85 گرمی را اضافه می کند

    1,741,000 تومان 2,680,000 تومان
    Contains natural waxes to give the hair strong hold, add texture and provide definition to styles and hair
    Work a small amount into hands, distribute evenly through damp or dry hair. Suitable for all hair lengths
    Has got a subtle and sophisticated masculine fragrance

    حجم و بافت

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