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    Pro Collection Salon Long-Last Curls And Waves Styler چند رنگ 40x11.5cm

    2,580,000 تومان 2,606,000 تومان
    Ideal to create huge curls and waves and locks in curls for long lasting styles.
    32mm barrel with rose gold technology: combines gold and copper for without equal styling surface to create longer-lasting styles.
    Long cool tip for simple grip and styling comfort

    بسته 2 عددی موس کرل نارگیل و هیبیسکوس 222x2ml

    2,346,000 تومان 4,541,000 تومان
    Styles hair easily without leaving any crunch, flaky residue
    Natural silk proteins nourish strands and keep them soft, smooth and silky
    Certified organic raw shea butter delivers nourishing hydration which detangles unruly curls and strengthens hair
    Nourishing coconut oil repairs dry, brittle hair and protects them from breakage and damage from external pollutants

    ژل مرطوب کننده کرل مانیفستو سفید 150 میلی لیتر

    4,311,000 تومان
    Curl enhancing defining gel-cream for curly, very curly and coily hair. Combines the hydration properties of a cream and the hold of a gel for 24H frizz control
    Curl enhancing defining gel-cream infused with Manuka honey and Ceramide for curly, very curly and coily hair. Combines the hydration properties of a cream and the hold of a gel for 24H frizz control. Use Curl Manifesto routine to style and amplifiy curl's natural shape with softness, definition and no crunch. Curls are left nourished, bouncy and intensely shiny
    Curl Manifesto features an expert formulation, combining science and luxury with Ceramide and precious Manuka Honey.Ceramide is a patented ingredient, developed after 4 years of research, that fills the cracks and reinforces weak hair from within improving hair ability to retain vital moisture. Manuka Honey is a powerful natural honey of New Zealand, ultra-rich in micronutrients that provides a moisture boost and restores shine. The Gelée Curl Contour is Silicone free, Sulfate free, Paraben free, Mineral oil free

    کرل دیفینینگ کرم سفید 250 میلی لیتر

    5,734,000 تومان 7,877,000 تومان
    Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream is the all-in-one solution that leaves curls perfectly defined
    It’s also infused with argan oil for conditioned curls that are silky smooth to the touch
    Free of frizz and full of life

    غلتک های 36 تکه فوم پیچشی مو

    1,277,000 تومان
    Reusable, suitable for both professional salon and personal use.
    36pcs for each pack, different colors and different diameters, enough for curling all of your hair.
    Light in weight, portable for travel carry.
    Soft and adiabatic, won't hurt hair.
    This product contains 36pcs hair rollers which are easy to enwind and curl hair. Reusable, flexional and light make them perfect for home or salon use.

    Valera PREMIUM SMART 1200 SHAVER 533.03/032.05 سشوار دیواری با هولدر و سوکت ریش تراش 1200 وات

    8,224,000 تومان 10,075,000 تومان
    Ripple wire SECURITY heating element
    Slide switch: 2 air flow settings, 3 air temperature settings COOL air setting
    On/Off push button Concentrator nozzle
    Wall holder with On/Off safety switch Shaver socket 110-120V and 220-240V
    Safety isolating transformer

    غلتک های فر کننده مو 42 تکه فوم

    938,000 تومان
    42pcs Curler Makers Spongia Foam Twist Curls DIY Styling Hair Rollers Flexible Curling Rods Hairdressing Tool
    Easy to bend and straighten, convenient to enwind hair.
    Reusable, suitable for both professional salon and personal use.
    Soft and adiabatic, won't hurt hair.

    کیت مسافرتی مدل مو

    1,271,000 تومان 2,997,000 تومان
    Dedicated to achieve lustrous, beautiful frizz-free curls
    Containers are the perfect size to pack in your overnight bag or even keep in your purse
    Perfect for cleansing your hair of oil, dirt and unwanted buildup, while also moisturizing and keeping your hair the healthiest it’s ever been

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    3,895,000 تومان

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