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    لوازم جانبی مو

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    برس ضد استاتیک هواکش مشکی/آبی

    1,988,000 تومان 4,029,000 تومان
    Soft flexible bristles detangle hair easily
    Helps to reduce hair fall
    Premium quality material ensures long service life

    هیلاری هومن مو قهوه ای ساختگی

    7,116,000 تومان 8,642,000 تومان
    Complete your fancy dress costume with this wig
    Made of high-quality hair which gives a natural feel
    Perfect for fancy dress parties or dressing up

    برس مو طرح پاندا مشکی/سفید

    2,956,000 تومان

    برس حالت دهنده مو آبی/مشکی

    2,040,000 تومان 2,145,000 تومان

    برس مو 11 اینچی دلچسب

    1,927,000 تومان
    Arrayed with porcupine bristles that offer better grip of your hair
    Helps to add minute detailed styling to your hair
    Perfectly suitable to work out tangles and knots

    شانه برش دندان گرد سفید

    5,441,000 تومان
    Precisely engineered to render a superior level of service
    Sprucely crafted to offer a higher level of functionality and efficiency
    Constructed of superior grade material that proffers immense usage

    کیت رنگ مو مشکی/سفید

    1,604,000 تومان 4,133,000 تومان
    This hair dye brush allows you to control where you want to apply the dye for smooth and even distribution
    Rounded bristle ensure smooth application without fraying
    Firm grip pointed handle designed for easy parting and sectioning the hair
    Gloves prevent your hands from being contaminated, Ideal for any hairdressing styling practice or home use
    Hair clips separate your hair for many types hair coloring

    سرپوش یخبندان با قلاب آبی/بنفش/روشن

    1,757,000 تومان 2,982,000 تومان
    Made of non-woven fabric which is breathable and odourless when you use
    Comfort fitting lets you wear for a long time
    Adjustable hook doesn't let you feel discomfort

    کاسه رنگ مو با برس مشکی/آبی

    1,386,000 تومان
    Perfect and necessary accessories for diy hair dye
    Perfect accessory for all barbers and hair stylist
    Great for salon hairdressing use and home personal use

    لوازم جانبی مو

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