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    سشوار حرفه ای خاکستری/طلایی

    3,124,000 تومان
    High performance motor for better use
    Product has a unique design that gives it a sleek look
    Non slip handle for better grip

    برس صاف کننده مو مشکی

    1,834,000 تومان
    Anti static technology reduces the amount of negatively charged particles during styling
    Ceramic plates provide superior heat distribution and a boost to negative ions
    Works in a low temperature which wont damage hair

    ست سشوار حرفه ای 5 تکه قرمز/مشکی 240 میلی متری

    1,322,000 تومان 1,692,000 تومان
    Ideal to blow dry your hair easily and safely at different temperature and speed settings
    Lightweight nature facilitates easy portability
    Considerable handle provides comfortable grip for easy operation
    Power is 1800w, cord length is 1.8 m and voltage is 220-240v

    سشوار D5000 مشکی 15x8x25cm

    2,083,000 تومان 2,759,000 تومان
    Getting manageable and glamorous hair on the go has become easy with this tool
    Allows you to style and dry your hair comfortably and at the same time alter the speed or heat
    Mid heat setting it saves more power rather than using it on high heat setting
    Easy for you to clean the hair dryer and maintain it, thus prolonging its lifespan
    Made from high quality material, it is durable and is safe to use
    Features with 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings
    It has 1800 W wattage

    Satin Style And Go Dryer Black 10x6x6inch

    2,994,000 تومان 3,072,000 تومان
    Perfect for shaping your style anywhere or giving great results on the go
    Foldable handle makes for an extra compact, easy to store and portable product, that comes without compromise on performance or healthy-looking hair
    Precise nozzle attachment and 2 temperature settings are built in for drying and styling flexibility
    Multi voltage is a must-have addition for using this dryer when travelling
    Enables safe usage of the product with consistent high performance around the world

    سشوار صورتی

    1,688,000 تومان 1,848,000 تومان
    Drying up your hair quickly with utmost ease comes handy
    Loaded with attractive features such three heat settings along with hot and cool air, this amazing product has much more about it
    You will no longer have to wait for hours for your hair to dry completely when you own this exceptional hair dryer
    Voltage (in volts) is 220 - 240 and cord length (in meters) is 1. 8m and wattage is 1000 watts

    3 Style And Go Travel سشوار ساتن مشکی

    2,798,000 تومان 2,837,000 تومان
    1200 Watts, 2 temperature settings, styling nozzle
    Multivoltage: for safe usage around the world

    Satin Hair 7 Professional SensoDryer Black

    7,036,000 تومان 9,306,000 تومان
    Innovative Thermo Sensor technology monitors the temperature and adapts it to minimise heat damage
    Professional AC motor: 5x longer life cycle vs conventional dryer
    Controls consistent optimal temperature for healthy drying and professional styling

    سشوار درایکر سفید/صورتی

    1,393,000 تومان 4,478,000 تومان
    Multiple speed settings allows gentle drying of hair
    Comes with 1.5 meter cord which offers optimum flexibility
    Foldable handle ensures easy portability
    Power is 1000w and number of speed is 2


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