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    لوازم جانبی پخش کننده MP3 و MP4

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    گوی جادویی ال ای دی کریستال شفاف/مشکی

    3,192,000 تومان
    Emits a powerful beam of light which illuminates the area with a bright radiance
    Premium housing construction offers added protection
    Versatile fixture perfectly harmonises with both modern and contemporary home decor schemes
    Engineered to consume less power and durable

    اسپیکر قابل حمل با داک چندرنگ آیفون و آیپد

    10,125,000 تومان 12,955,000 تومان
    This dock has audio features that are sure to impress. Reson8 speaker chambers are specially designed sealed speaker enclosures that deliver astounding clarity, depth, and power. iD48 also features SRS TruBass sound circuitry.
    This gives you built-in audio enhancement that delivers deep rich bass and high frequency clarity for crisp detail.
    The featured LED battery level indicator lets you see at a glance when battery needs charging. The built-in rechargeable long-lasting internal lithium ion battery will help you jam out to your music and never miss a beat.

    شارژر موبایل چند منظوره صلیب سرخ آمریکا FRX3 با رادیو، چراغ قوه و مکان یاب مشکی

    6,205,000 تومان

    ست فرستنده و گیرنده 3 تکه Blink500 500 B2 مشکی

    14,799,000 تومان 18,718,000 تومان
    Premium quality material offers superior performance
    Well-defined circuit ensures efficient functioning
    Effectively replaces your damaged part, ensuring the device is back to it's prime condition

    آداپتور صوتی بی سیم NS07 BT V7132BL_P آبی

    1,688,000 تومان 3,966,000 تومان
    Ultra-thin design, exclusively compatible with the Ninten-do-Switch & Switch-Lite.
    Support two headphones wirelessly Hi-Fi audio simultaneously with Qualcomm-aptX Low Latency technology.
    Easy to use, just plug and play with customized USB-C port. Dual buttons for two earphones connection with fast and simple pairing.
    Visual interference free, The small buttons on the side of the button and the small LEDs will not produce any visual interference in the game.
    No b-attery needed, driven directly by Ninten-do-Switch, very low power-consumption.

    AV230 فرستنده و گیرنده صوتی/تصویری بی سیم V4749EU_P نقره ای است

    4,717,000 تومان 8,962,000 تومان
    ISM frequency band, 8 groups of selectable channels.
    Patented Wireless technology. avoiding the interference from other wireless device.
    A display screen indicate the selected channel.
    Support 1 group of AV signal input/ output.
    Support 1 transmitter and more than one receivers at the same time, when keeping Transmitter and receiver setting at the same channel.

    مجموعه سیستم مانیتور فرستنده بی سیم 3 تکه P3TUKR112GR-K3E مشکی

    64,582,000 تومان 73,493,000 تومان

    اسپیکر چند رسانه ای قابل حمل چند رنگ

    1,849,000 تومان

    صلیب سرخ آمریکا FRX2 توربین دستی AM/FM رادیو هواشناسی با شارژر گوشی هوشمند قرمز

    4,193,000 تومان 7,503,000 تومان

    لوازم جانبی پخش کننده MP3 و MP4

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