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    روغن و سرم

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    اسانس برگ کاری 30 میلی لیتر

    1,746,000 تومان 1,772,000 تومان

    سرم روغن آرگان تقویت کننده مو Ultime 100ml

    964,000 تومان 1,929,000 تومان
    Ultime strengthening hair treatment
    Argan oil serum
    For all hair types

    روغن ریش باباسو و ترنج 30 میلی لیتر

    2,257,000 تومان 3,258,000 تومان
    This beard oil has has been specially formulated to nourish the skin under the beard as well as the beard itself in order to keep it soft, shiny and smooth.Using natural oils such as grapeseed and argan it will quickly absorb and is soothing on your skin
    Apply 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and work the oil through your beard
    Use daily to keep beard conditioned and skin moisturised. Suitable for all skin types

    بوتاکس مو MK Intense Repair 960g

    37,039,000 تومان 43,561,000 تومان
    anti-aging and smoothing treatment
    volume and frizz control that protects and straightens the hair simultaneously
    enriched with over 16 natural oils and amino acids for super hydrating and moisturizing action
    restoring the damaged and weak hair fibers resulting from environmental conditions and chemical treatments.

    خشک کن سریع MK 250 میلی لیتر

    7,827,000 تومان
    Smooths hair and control frizz.
    Cuts blow-drying time by half.
    Prevents hair breakage.
    Fast & Easy.

    ماسک مو پیاز و تخم مرغ و روغن ترکیبی شفاف 100 میلی لیتری

    1,877,000 تومان
    Reduces hair fall and regenerates hair follicles
    Enhanced with wheat proteins and macadamia nut oil to keep your hairy shiny and strong
    Completely free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, phthalates and all the harmful chemicals

    لوسیون موی مرطوب کننده فوق العاده غنی روغن زیتون سبز 680 میلی لیتری

    1,538,000 تومان
    Restores the hair's natural moisture balance
    Protects the hair from high heat long-lasting softness and shine
    Hair will begin to show improved elasticity, hydration and shine

    روغن تغذیه مو کرچک و رزماری 200 میلی لیتر

    2,841,000 تومان 5,258,000 تومان
    Provides your hair with a smooth and straight look
    Make the hair strong and healthy while providing it an excellent texture
    Prevents graying hair without damaging your scalp

    روغن کرچک سیاه جامائیکا ارگانیک چند رنگ 300 میلی لیتر

    1,720,000 تومان

    روغن و سرم

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