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    برس سرم پوست بره با من چند رنگ

    2,422,000 تومان 2,527,000 تومان
    Allows for more precise blending
    Streak-free application
    Can be used with foundation or any skincare product

    ست براش Contour Crew مشکی

    4,032,000 تومان

    Complexion Crew Face Brush Collection طلایی/مشکی

    3,476,000 تومان 6,720,000 تومان

    برس آرایشی سایه چشم 13P/S مشکی/نقره ای/قهوه ای

    3,683,000 تومان
    Streamlines streak-free application with minimum product wastage
    Round tip brush ideal for applying eyeshadow
    Meticulously contoured handles lend a comfortable grip

    برس 2 تکه فیس پک سفید/قهوه ای/مشکی

    1,613,000 تومان
    Synthetic fibres are ideal for adding defination
    Soft bristles help in creating a flawless texture
    Streamlines streak-free application with minimum product wastage
    Articulated for blending, contouring and highlighting
    Meticulously contoured handles lend a comfortable grip

    E25 Blending Brush White

    2,063,000 تومان 6,989,000 تومان
    Experience flawless, buffed foundation application without any absorption of product.
    Avoid makeup streaks, lines, and splotches.
    Blend liquid or cream products onto forehead and cheeks evenly and smoothly.

    برس رژگونه شکل پری دریایی حرفه ای طلایی/صورتی

    3,004,000 تومان
    Comes with sturdy, lightweight handle that enables precise application and blending
    Ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip
    Soft bristles allow smooth application that feels like gliding on the skin
    Brush material is nylon
    Dimension is 8.2x4.2 cm

    برس سایه چشم مشکی/نقره ای

    1,203,000 تومان
    Finely tapered bristles for buildable coverage and application on the eyelids
    Meticulously designed handle provides a firm hold
    Soft bristles cause no irritation to your skin and offer precise application

    برس پودری جمع شونده مشکی

    1,317,000 تومان
    Gives your make up an excellent finish
    Synthetic bristles feel soft while gliding over your face
    Anti-slip handle for a comfortable hold

    برس ها

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