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    تلسکوپ ها

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    تلسکوپ تک چشمی قابل حمل با قطب نما، گیره تلفن همراه و پشتیبانی مثلث

    1,740,000 تومان 2,035,000 تومان
    A full 40x magnification and 50mm object lens diameter monocular, provides a clearly and bright image, enjoy the beauty of the distance. Wingogh monocular telescope has large field of view (360ft 1,000Yds), have the best view in your outdoor adventures, just feel free to enjoy bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, travelling, wildlife, scenery, etc.
    Ideal for astronomical observation, bird watching, climbing, hiking and hunting
    Multi-coated lens renders clear images with improved light transmission
    Rubber body lends a non-slip grip
    Equipped with Roof BAK4 prism for a high definition view

    تلسکوپ دوچشمی 20*50

    1,828,000 تومان
    Features a rugged, high-quality finish with sure-grip coating for a comfortable hold
    Ideal for observation in wide, open habitats, where birds tend to be further away
    Scrupulously crafted optics ensure high brightness and render top-quality images

    تلسکوپ زاویه دار 45 درجه با سه پایه قابل حمل

    26,451,000 تومان
    Offers bright image quality and high magnification
    50mm eyepiece lens diameter and full multi-layer coating for very clear images in low light conditions
    Suitable for beginners and professionals

    تلسکوپ تک چشمی دید در شب قابل حمل 26 x 52 برای کودکان

    2,962,000 تومان

    تلسکوپ تک چشمی 10X40 Hunting HD Vision با گیره تلفن

    1,499,000 تومان 1,673,000 تومان

    تلسکوپ زوم تک چشمی فشرده

    2,094,000 تومان

    تلسکوپ نجومی F36050M با سه پایه

    3,892,000 تومان

    تلسکوپ نجومی F36050M با سه پایه

    2,890,000 تومان

    تلسکوپ نجومی F36050M با سه پایه

    2,359,000 تومان

    تلسکوپ ها

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