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    LifeChat LX-3000 PC-Headset مشکی/نقره ای

    2,626,000 تومان 3,082,000 تومان
    Enjoy the quality digital sound, made even better with total-comfort leatherette ear pads
    With the USB connection, you can get plugged in fast
    Noise-cancelling microphone makes sure you’re heard, crystal clear
    High-sensitivity microphone to reduces ambient noises and grasp the detail of voice
    Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery lasts up to 8 hours of talking time

    میکروفون دستی دینامیک Supercardioid مشکی

    15,176,000 تومان 21,384,000 تومان
    Integrated microphone capsule design, featuring trusted Beta 58A
    Sophisticated design with durable, lightweight construction
    Minimally affected by varying load impedance
    Superior rejection of off–axis sound
    Hardened steel mesh grille that resists wear and abuse

    میکروفون همه جهته دو سر مشکی

    1,301,000 تومان
    Exquisitely crafted with high-grade material to withstand long-term usage
    Features high sensitivity & omni-directional sounds output, perfect for audio and video recording
    Effectively reduce environmental noise

    میکروفون خازنی با حساسیت بالا مشکی

    4,684,000 تومان
    High sensitivity condenser microphone specially designed for camera
    Promoting the quality of the audio recording
    Cardioid directivity characteristic can effectively reduce the ambient noise
    +10dB sensitivity tone up and 200Hz low-frequency attenuation to meet different demands
    Shockproof design can reduce the mechanical noise of cameras and other vibration noise

    میکروفون خازنی مینی کاردیوئید 8.1x2.2cm مشکی

    1,370,000 تومان
    Easy to apply, remove and reuse without leaving damage or residue
    Ideal to be used on a smooth and ash-free surface like polished ceramic, glass, etc
    Built with aluminum construction and includes a shockmount, carrying pouch, and furry windshield
    Designed to improve the sound quality of videos on cameras that incorporate built-in microphones
    Compatible with smartphones, consumer camcorders, computers, and other audio/video recording devices

    کانکتور لاوالیر لایتنینگ میکروفون M2 مشکی

    2,169,000 تومان 2,557,000 تومان
    Omni-directional clip-on microphone
    Apple MFi certified Lightning connector
    Allows other microphone with 3.5mm TRS output to iOS

    میکروفون دوگانه Lavalier Type-C M3D Black

    3,635,000 تومان
    Dual lapel design, allow 2 people to use at the same time
    Omnidirectional polar pattern
    Compatible with most of USB Type-C devices • 6 meter long cable,

    میکروفون سیمی مشکی

    1,347,000 تومان
    Wired microphone, multimedia
    Sleek and distinct body is designed for comfort, allowing you to maintain high levels of performance
    Easy installation

    میکروفون دو سر مشکی/قرمز

    3,516,000 تومان
    Condenser microphone with super-cardioid polar pattern can pick up ultra-clear sound from one direction and minish unwanted sound affection
    Mounted on the steady shock mount, the microphone can record with low background noise
    Foam and fur windshield can proof wind and pop sound, more natural sound flows in
    With 3.5mm TRRS plug, the microphone can change into phone or camera working mode with switch above it

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