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    قلم خازنی برای اپل آیپد پرو

    1,521,000 تومان 3,048,000 تومان
    Made from high quality aluminium alloy, no plastic parts, provides a natural writing feeling, and quick, effortless interaction with your screen
    With a retractable and sensitivity 1.5mm pure copper nib, the active stylus pen offers high precision and accuracy of writing and painting
    You can draw straight or curved lines as you want without the hassle of distortion or smudging
    Easily cover or remove pen cap featuring magnetic suction design
    Come with a magnetic closure cap with fibre mesh tip for replacement, no worry when stylus pen out of power, just turn it upside down to continue your work with the passive condenser stylus

    قلم خازنی برای Apple iPad Pro White

    1,463,000 تومان 1,673,000 تومان

    قلم خازنی سوپرفین نوک فعال

    1,490,000 تومان 3,048,000 تومان
    Features an innovative palm rejection technology
    Keeps screen which is used on, clean and free of scratches and fingerprints
    Integrated ultra fine pen point allows you to select small icons

    قلم خازنی برای Apple iPad Pro White

    1,490,000 تومان 1,704,000 تومان

    قلم سفید قابل حمل با دقت بالا و فوق العاده ظریف

    1,490,000 تومان 1,643,000 تومان

    قلم قلم برای اپل iPad Pencil 2018-2020 سفید

    1,521,000 تومان 1,673,000 تومان

    قلم دیجیتال Active Stylus برای صفحه نمایش لمسی، نقطه ظریف 1.5 میلی متری قابل شارژ سازگار با iPhone/iPad Pro/Mini/Air/Android

    1,521,000 تومان 3,048,000 تومان
    Built-in 140mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides about 10 hours of working time
    Features a LED status indicator that informs about battery status
    Side button control allows for simple operation

    قلم صفحه لمسی قلم با دقت بالا

    1,490,000 تومان 1,704,000 تومان

    قلم خازنی اکتیو قلم سفید

    1,490,000 تومان 1,673,000 تومان

    قلم های دیجیتال

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