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    لوازم جانبی دوربین دیجیتال

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    نمایش در هر صفحه

    صفحه باتری با گیره میله مشکی

    11,393,000 تومان
    Industry-grade machinery ensures a well-established compatibility with your device
    Battery compartment with improved dust and water resistance design
    Engineered to perfection for optimum performance
    Ensures the matchless performance
    Meticulously designed to proffer high-volume shooting

    دوربین اکشن مشاهده پانوراما با لنز 360 درجه SJ360 2K Sport DV سفید

    5,480,000 تومان 12,326,000 تومان
    Novatek 96660 Chipset / H.264 image coding technique
    Fisheye panorama, play out your fun

    چوب سلفی آلومینیومی مشکی

    3,158,000 تومان
    Sjcam remote controller is designed for sjcam m20, sjcam sj6 legend, sjcam sj7 star,sjcam sj8 series
    Comes with five control buttons i,e. Off / wi-fi / video recording / photo / photo burst, easy to use
    Monopod is compact and portable, 4-section design, extendable from 28cm to 91cm
    Controllable distance can reach up to 10m, you can capture whatever you want
    Aluminum alloy monopod with anti-slip rubber grip to ensure its stability and safety

    لوازم جانبی دوربین 22 تکه برای GoPro Set مشکی

    1,340,000 تومان
    Chest strap to wear all GoPro/sjcam cameras on your chest comfortably
    Fully adjustable design fits all shapes and sizes
    Simplified design renders easy installation and smooth operation
    Perfect mount for skiing, kayaking, biking, motocross, equestrian and other action sports
    Offers a great combination of functionality and efficiency

    دسته باتری برای EOS 5D Mark IV BG-E20 151.7x114.4x84.3 میلی متر مشکی

    28,408,000 تومان
    Made of high quality material
    Easy to use
    Holds up to two lp-e6/lp-e6n batteries
    Extends shooting time
    Dust- and water-resistant construction

    شارژر دو کاناله Canon LP-E17 11.7x9.8x2cm مشکی

    3,499,000 تومان 6,975,000 تومان

    شارژر دو کاناله برای Nikon EN-EL14 11.7x9.8x2cm مشکی

    2,426,000 تومان

    پایه دوربین Flex Jaws Clamp برای GoPro Hero 3 Black

    1,113,000 تومان 1,513,000 تومان

    قاب محافظ ضد آب برای دوربین اکشن YI 6.9x6x3.4cm مشکی/روشن

    1,613,000 تومان 3,158,000 تومان

    لوازم جانبی دوربین دیجیتال

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