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    اسپیکر 2.0 کانالی اکتیو حرفه ای SPS-7908R مشکی

    4,977,000 تومان 5,508,000 تومان
    Perfect Sound and Performance: This professional speaker comes with a Piezo Tweeter feature and a Built-in Amplifier to give you a clear sound The Sonashi active speaker comes with a wireless microphone and a remote control
    Bluetooth Function: Efficient enough, the wireless Bluetooth are easy to connect with other devices The active professional digital speakers offer truly high-quality music listening experience
    Remote Control: Adjust mic volume, echo, bass, and have Tweeter control over your speaker with the remote control You can also very easily adjust volume, song order and mute off functions
    Other Important Features: This Bluetooth speaker also comes with a recording function and LED Display It has a colorful LED Disco Light and Digital Karaoke so all your parties are sorted The rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy music all day long
    Specifications: This Remote Control Professional Speaker has a 15W Audio Output Power It is an 8 Inch speaker with 4 Ohm Nominal Impedance It has a frequency response that ranges from 40Hz to 20,000Hz

    بلندگوهای بلوتوث چند رسانه ای 2.1 Ch با عملکرد رادیو FM مشکی

    3,630,000 تومان 5,457,000 تومان
    Modern Design Speaker: These Bluetooth speakers feature a beautiful stark black color with orange stripes on top which give a subtle bold and beautiful look It will add life to your house parties and barbeques
    Durable Bluetooth Speakers: These Bluetooth speakers are made of high-quality sturdy material to keep them highly functional for years The premium-quality prints on the high-function remote won’t fade and will help you control the speakers within 10 meters range
    Multi-purpose Bluetooth Speakers: These high-quality speakers can be used during house parties or gatherings It will lighten up your guests with its super woofers by boosting the low frequency audios With FM Radio function and USB and SD card slots, you can play any audio of your choice
    Highly-functional Speakers: These Bluetooth speakers feature a LED display that shows your settings and inputs clearly The Hi-Fi surround sound will fill the room with best quality sound Its powerful amplifier circuit quickly responds to your signals
    Product Specifications: These powerful Bluetooth speakers support FM frequency of 87 to 108MHZ It requires up to 240V of power to operate It offers Volume, Channel, Play/Pause, and Next input controls It can quickly read MP3 format, USB and SD cards to produce Hi-Fi surround sound

    بلندگوی سینمای خانگی بلوتوث چند رسانه ای Groove 5.1 با نمایشگر LED، کنترل از راه دور، پخش USB (RMS 45W) EM-5190FST Black Groove 5.1

    3,630,000 تومان 7,512,000 تومان
    With stereo sound and rich bass, this stylish home theatre system enhances your aural experience at home
    The durable wooden cabinet of the subwoofer and the speakers delivers high-quality acoustics for an impressive aural experience
    The exquisite build uplifts the vibe of the whole room while you control the playback seamlessly courtesy the remote controller
    It supports instant wireless connectivity with Bluetooth v5 0 Apart from the wireless connectivity, the user has other options in the form of AUX, USB, and SD Card as well
    Subwoofer lets you feel the beat of your favorite tracks by delivering punchy bass throughout the room

    اسپیکر Rave Mini Party A3390H11 مشکی

    10,993,000 تومان 16,456,000 تومان
    Rave Mini electrifies the air, sending the bass surging through the crowd
    Water-tight casing creates an impenetrable seal to keep the music playing, even after full submersion
    Up the stakes with electrifying party games, tailor the EQ and lights, and switch between Indoor and Outdoor sound modes

    سیستم بلندگوی چند رسانه ای 2.1 کانالی GMS8585 مشکی

    3,402,000 تومان 5,508,000 تومان
    Compact form factor facilitates to carry everywhere you go
    Renders powerful bass and treble for a seamless audio experience
    Premium quality material withstand wear and tear

    اسپیکر بلوتوث قابل شارژ 8 اینچی SBS-718 مشکی

    2,283,000 تومان 4,544,000 تومان
    Unique Speaker: This Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker offers a Hi-Fi surround sound system that will light up any party or small function It will help your guests engage better with each other
    Quality: This Bluetooth speaker is made of high-quality material which makes it durable and long-lasting appliance to add life to every party The integrated 1 pc Microphone will help you set up the best karaoke night Its remote control and multi-colored LED lights are of finest quality as well
    Versatile Uses: This durable Bluetooth speaker feature a FM Stereo Radio function to catch up live on your favorite radio channels With an USB Slot and Digital Karaoke Control, you can easily set the tone of your party
    Surround Sound: Equipped with a built-in 37V 1500mAh Lithium Battery, it offers a Hi-Fi Surround sound for fine-tuned precision Attach the microphone for karaoke, making announcements, and more
    Product Specifications: This rechargeable speaker operates on a built-in 37V 1500mAh Lithium Battery and DC 5V to produce 40Hz-20KHz of frequency response With USB Slot, LED Display, and multi-color LED lights, you can turn your party around It supports MP3 format and FM Stereo Radio function

    بلندگوهای بلوتوث 2.1 کاناله چند رسانه ای SHS-2107USRB مشکی

    6,613,000 تومان 7,719,000 تومان

    اسپیکر استریو سقفی LHM 0606/10 خاکستری

    1,798,000 تومان 2,260,000 تومان

    Soundcore Rave Party Speaker A3391K11 Black

    20,099,000 تومان

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