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    HDMI Splitter 2 in 1 Out Switcher HDMI with HDMI Cable Support 4K@60HZ 3D 1080P for PC Switch Laptop Switch Blu-Ray Player Roku TV Stick Xbox PS5 PS4 HDTV مانیتور مشکی

    2,059,000 تومان
    【2 In 1 Out】: This UGREEN 2 in 1 out HDMI switch allows you to connect 2 HDMI host devices to 1 HDMI Display/TV/Projector to switch
    【HDMI Splitter】: The UGREEN HDMI splitter supports bi-directional transmission. This HDMI splitter switcher enables you to connect your major device with 2 separate TV or monitor and send the video signal, you can toggle between the 2 monitors, only 1 monitor will display for HDMI video output; Note:2 monitors cannot be displayed at the same time
    【4k@60HZ】:This HDMI switch for PS5 supports video output 4K x 2K @60Hz, 2K, 1080P, 3D, resolution along with the high definition, audio, you can enjoy the audio and the video at the same time
    【Broad Compability】: The 4K HDMI Splitter complies with HDCP 1.4, is ideal to connect Switch, Skybox TV, DVD, PS3,PS4, PS5, Blu-Ray Player, VR, TV Stick, and TV Box
    【Plug & Play】: The switch is easy to set up and operate, no extra power supply is required for connection. LED indicators tell you which port is active

    کابل تایپ سی به HDMI یک و نیم متری مدل USB C to HDMI Cable, VENTION Type C Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI

    1,059,000 تومان 1,629,000 تومان
    USB C to HDMI Cable, VENTION Type C Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI, Compatible for iPad Pro, MacBook, Mate 20, Galaxy S9/S8, Surface Book 2/Go and More (1.5 Meter)

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