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    رنگ چشم استیک خاویار طلایی

    5,989,000 تومان
    This multitasking eyeshadow stick delivers both easy application and high-definition.
    Long-wearing, transfer-proof, and crease-resistant formula.
    The Luxe formulation gives you plenty of time to smudge, blend, line, fill or define

    پالت سایه چشم چند رنگ

    1,908,000 تومان
    Gives you endless possibilities to encourage you to empower and express yourself the way you want.
    Contains 16 shades with ultra-concentrated pigments
    Ranging from fennel to matte, it has everything you need to transform the look of your eyelids

    سایه چشم با ابعاد اضافی آلیاژی عاشقانه

    699,000 تومان 2,419,000 تومان

    Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Rich Core

    1,058,000 تومان 2,419,000 تومان
    Impact ranges from sheer crystallized light to a highly polished metallic effect
    Creamy, silky, all-in-one eye shadow has a near-fluid formula like a liquid-powder shadow to create luminous
    Ultra portable eyeshadow singles featuring rich satin colour with a hint of shimmer
    Features high performance formulas developed to be lightweight for increased blendability
    Pigment loaded eyeshadow that blends effortlessly and stays put all day

    Dazzleshadow Extreme Joie De Glitz

    1,472,000 تومان 3,252,000 تومان
    Long-wearing, 12 hours
    Wet-like metallic finish
    Ultra-lightweight texture
    Silky smooth, gliding application
    Even colour payoff that stays colour-true

    Dazzleshadow Liquid Rayon Rays

    1,185,000 تومان 2,419,000 تومان
    An ultra-shiny liquid eye shadow that glides across lids for a wash of brilliant colour that keeps its splendour for up to eight hours.

    سایه چشم گرافیکی فوق العاده رنگی طلایی

    1,559,000 تومان

    پالت سایه چشم هندوانه اسپلش

    1,102,000 تومان 1,640,000 تومان

    پالت سایه چشم جدید Make Multicolour

    1,481,000 تومان 2,016,000 تومان

    سایه چشم

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