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    Pro 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Smart TV Box ANTV-MXQ مشکی

    1,588,000 تومان 2,283,000 تومان
    Comes with 8GB of ROM
    Memory can be extended up to 32GB
    A strong and stable signal Wi-Fi: allowing MXQ-4K has a stronger and more stable Wi-Fi signal with fast data transfer rates
    Support HDMI 4K, MXQ-4K comes with a quad-core Cortex-A7 32bit processor, quad-core Mali-400 GPU. Fully supports UHD 4K video stream to offer you a stunning visual effect without interruption

    تلویزیون 4K (64 گیگابایت) مشکی

    12,822,000 تومان 17,638,000 تومان
    Provides 4k high dynamic range (Dolby vision and hdr10) for stunning picture quality. Features Dolby digital plus 7.1 surround sound
    Comes with A10X fusion chip for ultra-fast graphics and performance. View photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad on TV
    Navigate and search with the Apple TV remote. Easy remote access with the Siri Remote.
    64 GB of storage, for saving your favorite movies and TV shows. Rechargeable battery provides months of battery life
    HDMI, Ethernet ports available for easy linking to your TV or other devices

    تلویزیون 4K (نسل اول) مشکی

    10,548,000 تومان 19,243,000 تومان
    Provides 4k high dynamic range (Dolby vision and hdr10) for stunning picture quality
    Offers up to 2160p display resolution for a rich and immersive visual experience
    Built-In Wi-Fi and Ethernet allows for quick, hassle-free connectivity
    Allows for uninterrupted wireless streaming of multimedia content
    Features a rechargeable remote control for added user convenience

    ست تاپ باکس تلویزیون اندروید Mi 4K HDR مشکی

    3,996,000 تومان 6,613,000 تومان
    Features built-in Google Cast that lets you stream shows, music, podcasts, and movies from your laptop or smartphone to your TV
    Innovative remote supports voice commands and allows you to watch the news or switch the radio station with ease
    HDMI 2.0a input port features an ultra-fast 18Gbps speed to significantly improve the sound and picture quality
    Designed to deliver super-smooth streaming and 4K decoding at up to 60 frames per second
    Powered by a high-performance CPU and GPU for compatibility with a wide range of games

    دستگاه پخش جریانی رسانه Chromecast نسل سوم ذغال چوب

    2,534,000 تومان 6,279,000 تومان
    The Chromecast 3 can now do 1080p at 60 frames per second.
    60fps video streaming at full-HD (1080p) resolution
    Mirror the screen of your smartphone or cast the content of a compatible app to your TV.
    It has an HDMI interface to let you watch your favourite videos directly on your HDTV

    دستگاه پخش رسانه Chromecast 3 GA00439 Charcoal

    2,397,000 تومان 6,279,000 تومان
    Plugs into the HDMI port and connects to a Wi-Fi network to offer easy installation
    Utilises your Wi-Fi signal to seamlessly stream TV shows, movies, games and more from 800 plus compatible apps
    Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems for added versatility
    Space-saving compact design allows for convenient attachment and ensures easy storage
    Features a video output resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to deliver Full HD content

    هاب خانه با دستیار گوگل زغال چوب

    8,847,000 تومان
    Device comes with a built-in chromecast and Google assistant for hands-free help
    Speaker comes with two mic array far-field voice recognition microphone
    Ask your Google assistant and get visual answers about recipes, local businesses, sports and more
    Play songs and music videos and get new music recommendations, just by asking
    Voice-control thousands of compatible devices, from lights and cameras to tvs and more

    دانگل HDMI بی سیم مشکی

    1,089,000 تومان 1,347,000 تومان
    HDMI interface effectively connects your laptop to your monitor, display and HDTV
    Meticulously designed to render effective signal transmission, eliminating lag-free performance
    Conforms durability and lightweight attribute in a slim form factor

    نمایشگر وای فای دانگل گیرنده آبی

    1,096,000 تومان 2,009,000 تومان
    Full HD wireless audio and video transmission, 1080P output with HD interface
    Compact portable deign for easy carrying
    Low latency and real-time push
    With one-meter cable, enough for daily use
    Supports multi-OS (Android, iOS) and supports Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA

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