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    دوربین مدار بسته وای فای مینی دوربین دید در شب خودکار 720P وایرلس از راه دور دوربین مدار بسته

    3,034,000 تومان 3,962,000 تومان
    Wireless remote
    Automatic night vision
    Intelligent alarm
    Cloud storage
    Support up to 128GB TF card(Memory card is not included)
    Built-in lithium battery-500mAh

    دوربین امنیتی Wifi WiFi Full HD 1080P با دید در شب

    3,566,000 تومان 4,094,000 تومان
    Easy to clip on the collar, pocket, bag and so on With 180 degree rotating lens
    You can select the 4K or 1080P definition on APP but only 1280*720 on card.
    Viewing real-time video on mobile phone Viewing real-time video on mobile phone at anytime and anywhere
    Connecting with camera hotspot To view live video without network
    Built in infrared night vision lights Also with clear video at night
    When the camera detects a moving object the mobile app will push a message
    Share the device with multiple users To watch online video at anytime via the APP
    Remote playback on APP Or read the TF card on computer

    قلم دوربین امنیتی دید در شب مینی مادون قرمز قابل حمل MD14 1080P HD

    2,325,000 تومان 2,510,000 تومان
    Adopts good sensor and 180 degree lens, offers 1080P high definition videos.
    With 2 infrared lights, won't miss any thing in night, good for home security to use.
    Built-in 900mAh large capacity battery provides 5-6 hours of long videoing, and it supports videoing while charging.
    Auto file-saving function can keep the recording when power runs out.
    Supports loop record, the new videos would replace the old ones and supports external TF card up to 4-32G(not included).
    Comes with useful accessories. Suitable for home security, outdoor sports recording, car data recording, etc.
    Magnetically fixed, ,easy and convenient.It can also be, used in your pocket/collar (with the included iron), or as a car camcorder or an sport camera.

    دوربین دیجیتال اسپرت کلاه ایمنی دوچرخه موتور سیکلت Mini F9 HD 1080P

    2,232,000 تومان 4,094,000 تومان
    Waterproof. It's applicable to all kinds of extreme outdoor weather
    Metal solid aluminum shell. It's applicable to all kinds of extreme risk
    The built-in motor, alert working conditions by vibrating
    Ultra small size, ultra light weight, and easy to carry
    Full HD 1080p video
    120 degrees A + level high resolution ultra wide

    دوربین فعال مینی حرکت مغناطیسی ضبط کننده 20 ساعته.

    2,543,000 تومان 3,170,000 تومان
    20 hours working time 90 degree rotating lens
    Motion Detection & Operation Recording: When a moving object appears, the camera detects and automatically records the video. As a driving recorder to keep track of your travel.
    Magnetic adsorption in refrigerators, car bodies, etc., or bookshelves
    magnetic camera,easy to adsorp on lron surface
    Support up to 32GB TF card(card is not included in)

    دوربین کوچک ویدئویی HD 1080P با تشخیص حرکت و دید در شب برای امنیت خانه

    2,360,000 تومان 2,774,000 تومان
    Built in 1200mAh Lithium Battery, Continuous Recording Around 8 Hours.
    Infrared Night Vision, Also with clear video at night
    Motion Detection: Starts to record when detects moving object
    Support up to 128GB TF card(Memory card is not included)
    Built-in lithium battery-1200mAh can record 8 hours.

    دوربین دایه مینی HD 4K دید در شب و تشخیص حرکت - وای فای بی سیم با کنترل از راه دور کمربند مشکی کارت حافظه 32 گیگابایتی

    2,640,000 تومان 10,540,000 تومان
    Full HD 1080P/4K camera 90-degree wide-angle lens, this mini HD camera can clearly capture details, the camera is only a little bigger than a coin, it can be easily hidden in the home, office, car, etc.
    The surveillance camera has built-in 6 infrared LED lights, which can capture more detailed and high-definition images at night or under low light conditions.
    1: APP remote monitoring (requires 2.4G WiFi) 2: HD 4K/1080P 3: Built-in 4 hours battery life 4: Automatic night vision (non-brightness) 5: Action activation alarm 6: APP Android/iOS, 7: Maximum supported memory: 128GB
    The mini camera automatically records and overwrites the oldest files when full for continuous recording. you can use it as a dash cam, nanny cam, body camera, pet camera and more
    COMPACT、QUICK PLUG AND PLAY Whether you’re at home or spending the night in a hotel, our home security cameras have you covered. The cam is small enough to be hidden out of sight and lightweight so you can easily take it with you on the go.
    Once a moving object is detected, the mini nanny camera will record it and the phone will also receive a push notification

    دوربین دایه مخفی وای فای HD 1080P با کنترل برنامه موبایل

    2,198,000 تومان 2,642,000 تومان
    Support Wifi connecting, you can check the HD records by your mobilephones.
    Built-in lithium battery for 1.5 hours working after full charging.
    Also supports 220V DC charging and power bank charging while recording.
    Four infrared light for max 5M night vision recording. You can turn on/off the infrared light via phone.
    Using 1280*1920 HD lens for clear records.
    With motion detection function for safety and storage saving.

    دوربین وای فای هوشمند داخلی و خارجی C3N

    4,464,000 تومان
    The EZVIZ C3N comes with three night vision modes and AI-powered person detection capability, providing you with sharp nighttime monitoring and precise alerts. Now you can rest easy knowing everything is protected
    Equipped with professional optical lenses, two built-in spotlights, and two infrared (IR) lights, the C3N renders sharp color imaging even in pitch-black darkness
    As an upgrade from simple motion detection, the embedded AI algorithm intelligently detects the motion of human shapes in real-time. When people enter your customized detection area, you will be alerted immediately
    The built-in noise-canceling microphone picks up clear audio up to 5 meters (16.4 ft.) away. Now you can hear and see what’s happening in your backyard no matter where you are
    The C3N signal boasts wall-penetration and anti-interference capabilities thanks to two powerful external antennas. Even if the router is far away, the C3N is still able to stay connected stably and reliably

    دوربین های گلوله ای

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