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    شاهکار Nude Palette 04 Pacock Nudes

    1,328,000 تومان 2,221,000 تومان
    Five eyeshadow palettes for infinite uniquely glamourous nude eye looks
    A range of tones, from rich to pale to neutral
    Silky-smooth velvety formula gives more pigment for richer intense colour
    Buildable eyeshadows with matte, shimmery and sparkly finishes
    Dual tip applicator for smooth blending and precise definition

    خط چشم Stylo Yeux با ماندگاری طولانی مدت 928 Eros

    5,989,000 تومان 6,853,000 تومان
    Long-wearing eyeliner that outlines the eyes with just one stroke
    Features a waterproof, smudge-proof and run-proof formula
    Resists everything from tears to inclement weather

    پالت سایه چشم خاکی مه چند رنگ

    4,465,000 تومان
    Adds natural shine and shape to your Face
    Offers perfect coverage
    Made Of High Quality

    BENEFIT COSMETICS Brow Styler Shade 06

    5,359,000 تومان 6,654,000 تومان
    This dual ended brow powder is all you need to get 3 brow looks in minutes! The waterproof*, 18-hour wear* wax pencil sculpts and shapes brows for a clean & shaped look while the loose filling powder builds easily for soft & full brows.
    Wear them together for bold & defined brows! *Instrumental test on 20 wome

    خط چشم مایع با تاثیر بالا

    3,091,000 تومان

    پالت سایه چشم پیگمنت دیلی لایف Forever52 Pro P

    3,022,000 تومان

    BENEFIT COSMETICS Brow Styler Shade 4.5

    5,359,000 تومان 6,654,000 تومان

    2 در 1 ژل کژال و مداد خط چشم 10 آبی روشن

    2,702,000 تومان

    کرم براق کننده چشم رنگ GR125 Naiad

    2,736,000 تومان 8,872,000 تومان

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