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    محافظ حرارت

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    محافظ حرارتی روزانه کراتینه مو 2 اونس

    9,888,000 تومان 12,851,000 تومان
    Protects the hair from harsh environment and revitalizes the hair scalp
    Restores and repairs the dry and damaged hair
    Natural formulation conditions hair with a shiny finish

    اسپری مو محافظ حرارتی Hot Off The Press 200ml

    2,680,000 تومان
    Eliminates frizz and makes hair healthier and softer
    Helps to protect your hair from damages
    Provides noticeable volume to hair with a great smooth texture

    تعمیر محافظ حرارتی دمشی 5 اونس

    11,727,000 تومان
    Protect hair from damage caused due to uv rays
    Gives a strong hold and makes your hair soft, smooth
    Also brings about a natural shine to your hair

    اسپری محافظ حرارتی 120 میلی لیتری

    3,725,000 تومان 5,842,000 تومان
    Provides an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage on damp or dry hair
    Contains the unique ghd heat protection system
    Also brings about a natural shine to your hair

    اسپری کراتین اسموت هیت پروتکت مو 236 میلی لیتری

    1,474,000 تومان 3,674,000 تومان
    Formulated with keratin and marula oil, this keratin spray provides 5 benefits in 1 system
    Specifically formulated heat protectant to leave your hair gorgeously sleek and manageable
    Help protect your locks against heat damage with tresemm keratin smooth heat protect spray

    ماسک مو مولتی کالر سرکه سیب 200 گرمی

    2,198,000 تومان

    شیر براق کننده رطوبت تعادل 4.2 اونس

    2,282,000 تومان 5,869,000 تومان

    اسپری محافظ حرارتی 5 اونس

    2,184,000 تومان

    روغن آرگان هیر شیلد 450 اسپری درمانی 200 میلی لیتری

    4,020,000 تومان

    محافظ حرارت

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