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    فن و خنک کننده

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    خنک کننده لپ تاپ قابل حمل مشکی/آبی

    2,516,000 تومان
    Lower the heat effectively and quickly
    Crafted to contour efficiently to the device
    Attuned innovatively for prolonged usage

    فن Halo PWM برای رادیاتورها مشکی/سفید

    1,145,000 تومان
    Hydraulic bearing and vibration dampening rubber gasket
    Designed for water cooling radiators and highly durable
    Strong wind power fans automatic speed regulation

    هوایانگ مینی پنکه رومیزی USB کامپیوتر قابل حمل مشکی

    2,519,000 تومان
    Provides a perfect fit that helps in reducing the risk of slipping
    Innocuous material ensures safety for prolonged usage
    Functions up and down control that enables you to customise the required airflow
    Sports an advanced blade design that enables a powerful airflow
    Serviced by an energy-saving and high-performance motor

    رادیاتور خنک کننده خنک کننده لپ تاپ لپ تاپ USB هواکش مشکی/آبی

    4,593,000 تومان
    Helps to solve the problem of heat radiation of the gaming console
    Premium quality material prolongs the service life
    Consumes less energy making it highly efficient
    Made with non-slip material, effectively prevents the laptop from slipping
    Comes with a small LCD screen and a button control panel

    پایه فن خنک کننده بی صدا سبک وزن با نگهدارنده داخلی موبایل/تبلت، دو درگاه USB، سطح ضد لغزش و ارتفاع قابل تنظیم برای لپ تاپ تا 17 اینچ، AirBase-6 خاکستری

    2,172,000 تومان 3,412,000 تومان
    Ultra-Quiet Fans with Adjustable Speed and LED Indicator
    Adjustable Height for Convenience and Comfort
    Built-in Stand for your Smartphone or Tablet
    Stylish Aluminium Stand
    Anti-Slip Surface and Adjustable Height for Laptop up to 17 Inch

    پایه لپ تاپ آلومینیومی، پایه نوت بوک تهویه شده چند سطحی ارگونومیک قابل حمل با دستگیره سیلیکونی ضد لغزش و طراحی چند زاویه ای قابل تنظیم برای لپ تاپ های تا 17 اینچ خاکستری

    1,781,000 تومان 3,412,000 تومان
    Features a sturdy stance and is easy to grab
    Elevates your laptop so that the screen is at eye level
    Made of tough materials, it is environment friendly and durable
    DeskMate-4 is the result of a process of product development work rooted in ergonomic working best practice
    Silicone Pads are instalLED to protect your laptop from any potential scratches as well as keeping your laptop firmly seated when typing

    پایه لپ‌تاپ آلومینیومی، پایه لپ‌تاپ قابل حمل ارگونومیک چند سطحی تهویه‌شده با دستگیره سیلیکونی ضد لغزش و طراحی چند زاویه‌ای قابل تنظیم برای لپ‌تاپ‌های تا 17 اینچ نقره‌ای

    1,740,000 تومان
    Solid Aluminium Construction
    Heat Dissipation Cooling Function
    Ultra-Portable and Foldable Design
    Sleek, Modern Design Complements your Device
    Portable Ergonomic Multi-Level Ventilated Notebook Stand with Non-Skid Silicon Grip and Adjustable Multi-Angle Design for Laptops up to 17 Inches

    پایه فن USB کامپیوتر برای نوت بوک مشکی/قرمز

    3,654,000 تومان
    Low noise cooling fan with adjustable speed levels
    Slim and light weight that makes it convenient to used
    Premium quality metal mesh material prolongs the service life
    Air volume 76.35 cfm helps to solve the problem of heat radiation keeping your CPU cool
    Sprucely crafted to offer a higher level of functionality and efficiency

    کنترل کننده سرعت فن دیجیتال 4 کانال مشکی

    3,392,000 تومان 5,055,000 تومان
    4-channels stepless fan speed control, specially designed for pc enthusiasts
    Equip with 4 sets of temperature probe, test detection range 0-99 degrees
    Maintain proper heat levels keep all the parts of computer running with high performance
    Large lcd screen shows the actual speed of each group of fan and the temperature
    When the temperature is over 70 degree, it will send an alert to promptly adjust the fan speed

    فن و خنک کننده

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