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    کیف دوربین DSLR مشکی

    1,809,000 تومان 1,896,000 تومان
    Adjustable shoulder strap allows for a customised fit
    Soft padded handle offers ease and comfort in carrying the bag
    Special ultra-light rip-stop nylon material ensures long-lasting use
    Quick-release buckle provides quick access to your camera or other accessories
    Dedicated camera compartment with removable padded dividers hold up to one DSLR camera and two lenses

    کیف مسنجر دوربین DSLR با بند شانه مشکی

    1,282,000 تومان 2,713,000 تومان
    Adjustable padded divider is included for interior flexibility and customization
    Protect your camera's screen and lens from nicks and scratches
    Ensures a comfortable fit, no matter how strap is placed, left shoulder, right shoulder, facing up or down

    بسته 3 عدد قاب نگهدارنده باتری و باتری 4.52x3.26x1.37 اینچ مشکی

    2,974,000 تومان
    Premium ABS material has good impact resistant and wear resistance
    TPE rubber seal is both waterproof and dust-proof, keeps out debris, dust and water
    Works as safety-box to keep your valuable memory cards and camera batteries safe

    کوله پشتی زیپ دار روزانه V2 20L مشکی

    16,056,000 تومان
    Profoundly spaced that enables you to stash your must have essentials
    Decked with a sturdy exterior that withstands extensive utilisation
    Innovatively crafted straps avoid causing any strain on your shoulders

    کوله پشتی دوربین بوم خاکستری/مشکی

    2,288,000 تومان

    حلقه ایرتگ مشکی

    1,122,000 تومان

    جعبه کیس نگهدارنده باتری 3 اسلات دوربین اکشن مشکی

    1,488,000 تومان 2,221,000 تومان

    ProTECT - پوشش سخت پوسته MacBook Pro - محافظ 13 اینچ II & Ultra Slim II Hard Shell MacBook Pro Case 13 inches II سازگار با A2251/A2289/A2338

    2,038,000 تومان 2,496,000 تومان
    Scratch-Resistant Coating: The PROTECT MacBook Pro Case strong shell is coated with an unique coating that provides exceptional scratch resistance.
    Micro Clip Design: This MacBook Pro hard Shell Case comes with a smaller scale clip plan that is easy to install and uninstall; the cover is introduced and removed in few seconds.
    Vent Cuto-outs: This MacBook Pro Cover tough design to withstand part wear for longer item life and a higher cut-out design for greater air flow and heat dispersing.
    Raised Elastic Feet: Provides a secure grip on a surface. Work from anywhere with utmost ease.

    کیف مسنجر بسته زیپ دار مشکی

    6,632,000 تومان 24,556,000 تومان
    Comes with two compartment for organizing your documents, files and pens
    Comes with padded compartment that can fit up to 15.6 inches laptop
    Made of high quality material that provides toughness and durability

    لوازم جانبی و کیف

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