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    پاک کننده آکنه سفید 150 میلی لیتر

    2,597,000 تومان
    Acne Cleanser gently cleanses your skin and pores to help you get rid of the excess oil.
    Combination of Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea Extract calms irritated skin. Allantoin and Panthenol provide better moisturization.
    Oil - free formula of Acne Cleanser leaves your skin fresh and well-balanced.

    دستگاه ماساژور پاک کننده صورت Ion Beauty Introduction KD9960 White

    3,156,000 تومان 3,417,000 تومان
    The adjustable micro-current is in two modes, stimulating the cells to produce ATP, which promotes collagen production and tightens the skin
    Deep cleaning: using the principle of positive and negative ion attraction, combined with the high-frequency vibration of sound waves to remove pore waste, effectively draining dirt deep in the pores
    Importing: introduce moisture and skin care ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin to enhance skin's absorption ability and to keep skin moisturizing
    Warm moisturizing: shrink pores and capillaries, prevent fine dirt from entering the pores again, effectively lock the nutrients and moisture in the skin
    Multiple functions, deep cleansing, improving oil, refining pores, rejuvenating and brightening, exporting blackheads, introducing nutrition

    ماسک لایه بردار اسکار کرم رفع جای زخم

    3,124,000 تومان
    The cream diminishes the growth of the cuticle and it smoothens the hyperplasia moulage.
    Penetrates on muscle bottom and promoting regeneration, removing pigmentation scar.
    It lessens the tension of the scar and thus limits the synthesis of the collagen.

    دستگاه بخار پاش بخار اسپری گرم KD233

    1,199,000 تومان 3,350,000 تومان
    Nano mist technology is fine, gentle and non-sensitizing to the skin. Built-in nano-mist technology is fine, gentle and non-sensitizing to the skin. Nano steam helps to penetrate deeply, increasing the ability to absorb nutrients for your skin.
    The effect of breaking water into ions to help remove impurities, reduce water particles into tiny sizes, bring nutrients deep into the skin, increase absorption capacity and speed In addition, beauty equipment does not It's just a dehumidifier, but it's also a mini air purifier, effectively purging.
    Cool mist spray makes skin comfortable, steam temperature is about 40°C, keeps warm stably, quickly rehydrates and lifts skin K.SKIN facial steamer is a good assistant for hot summer colors. your skin, easily moisturize when it is hot and dry, penetrate deep into the cells and pores, support you to have enough water, accelerate collagen regeneration
    Intelligent temperature adjustment, simple operation with one button Note: Only pure water should be used, not mineral water or other types, to avoid clogging the nozzle.
    Increases blood circulation, helps maximize the skin's effects and effectively nourishes the skin

    ژل رفع آکنه اسکینلب 30 میلی لیتر

    2,418,000 تومان
    Skinlab Acnecure Anti Acne Removal Gel 30 mL

    مرطوب کننده پوست صورت بخارشوی Hot Mist Ionic KD2331A رز قرمز

    1,302,000 تومان 4,366,000 تومان
    Warm and hot spraying increases circulation and gets rid of dehydrated, dry and flab skin
    Ion spray penetration, hot spraying works on dermal infiltrate directly, which helps to clean up the aging keratinocyte and to make your skin hydrated and tight
    Spraying could balance and repair the grease secretion, developing the function of downplaying the dye effectively
    Just a few minutes, ionic steam penetrates deeply into skin to quickly moisturize skin and supplement skin moisture, keeping your skin moist and shiny
    Easily for deeply cleaning skin and discharging toxins under the effect of heated steam to make skin more transparent, fair and clean

    درمان طبیعی آکنه برگ زیتون هومیوپاتی 30 میلی لیتر

    3,880,000 تومان
    Helps relieve from eczema, burning, itching and pustular skin eruptions
    Works to soothe a variety of ailments such as stuffed nose and flatulence
    Temporary relief of symptoms of acne, pimples and cold sores

    کرم پوستی F201 Green Age 30ml

    4,686,000 تومان
    It is the flagship product of the formula 201 green age treatment, it carries out a complete anti-acne strategy, structured with 5 different approaches, prevents sebum from generating a cyst with the subsequent formation of blackheads through the keratolytic action of mandelic and citric acids, reduces the excessive production of sebum through the sebum-regulating action of syringa vulgaris stem cells, prevents pus pockets from breaking and spreading the infection inside the skin through the dermal strengthening action of centella asiatica stem cells; reduces the proliferation of propionibacterium acnes through the bacteriostatic action of silver salts; reduces the risk of forming scars through the anti inflammatory action of zinc salts
    Directions, apply twice daily delicately massaging it into face
    Active Ingredients, stem cells, syringa vulgaris and quercus robur, organic acids, mandelic and citric, sebum reducing natural extracts, serenoa, nigella, sesame, contains 1% salicylic acid

    هیالورونیک بوستر 30 UN

    19,524,000 تومان 26,244,000 تومان

    درمان آکنه و لک

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