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    Contour Liquid Concealer 04 Light Ivory

    1,457,000 تومان
    Unique formulation melts in your skin and blends effortlessly to your skin complexion
    Gives your skin a natural glow and fine texture
    Creamy multitasking concealer also delivers full coverage with a finish that lasts for up to 24 hours
    Provides high coverage with a light-diffusing, soft-focus effect
    Highly pigmented, lightweight, longwearing liquid contouring concealer

    پنهان + کامل 2 در 1 بژ

    1,956,000 تومان
    Soar to new heights with our Dangerous Lengths Mascara
    The 3D, multi-edged brush delivers audacious length with instant deposit, definition, separation, lift and curl
    Its water resistant

    کانسیلر 24 ساعته Smooth Wear Studio Fix NW60

    1,368,000 تومان 2,272,000 تومان

    Face Fwd Corrector Stick 03 Jade Jockey

    1,772,000 تومان 2,136,000 تومان

    خنثی کننده نعنا

    2,363,000 تومان 2,590,000 تومان
    Provides a skin- flattering and natural look
    Gives your cheek a perfect finish and shine
    Highly pigmented formulation offers brilliant colour payoff
    Leaves behind a lasting stain that blends in seamlessly with your skin

    خنثی کننده لیلا

    2,363,000 تومان 2,590,000 تومان
    Contains SPF 30
    Enriched with the goodness of vitamin B
    Protecting primer acts as shield between the skin and makeup

    کانسیلر بدون کیک بوئینگ شماره 4 لایت کول

    4,203,000 تومان
    Full coverage liquid concealer that doesn’t cake or crack
    Hides blemishes, discoloration & more
    The Cushion Tip creates a smoother than smooth application and blends seamlessly for longwearing, waterproof coverage with 24-hour longwear

    پالت آرایش کانتور صحیح را پنهان کنید متوسط/موین

    1,888,000 تومان 1,954,000 تومان
    Infused with highly pigmented powder formula applies evenly and blends beautifully
    Effectively highlights your eyes with a dash of shimmer effect
    Plethora of shades allow you to create various makeup looks
    Highlights your cheekbones and jawline while giving it a natural shimmery glow to your face
    Features a box to keep the things organised and which ensures convenient portability
    Paraben free and aluminium free material

    کرم پودر حرفه ای و کانسیلر استتار 15 رنگ پالت چند رنگ

    4,921,000 تومان
    Colors can be mixed to create any mid tones
    Cream based butterfly colors
    Made up of high quality ingredients

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