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    ست لحاف 100% پنبه شانه شده 140 گرمی جامد 200 در 200 سانتی متر با 2 روبالشی 48 در 74 سانتی متر پنبه ناوی ملکه

    1,862,000 تومان 2,929,000 تومان
    Experience the new level of cosy comfort with our 100 % cotton Jersey sheets collection
    As comfortable as a favorite T-shirt, knit jersey bedding is made for relax sleeping .This comfy jersey fitted sheet and duvet cover set is irresistibly cozy al year round
    With high stretch quality , soft and comfortable touch , the duvet cover provides a perfect solution for your favourite duvets and quilts
    Available in nine modern and contemporary colours that enhances your bedroom décor
    Fade resistant ,Easy care , Durable and machine washable

    روتختی و ست

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