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    نمایش در هر صفحه

    اشاره گر لیزری بی سیم مشکی

    1,282,000 تومان 1,674,000 تومان
    Tactile buttons allow for precise manipulation
    Palm-sized design offers an easy and comfortable grip
    Wireless design accounts for seamless transmission
    Lets you change to full screen, next page and different screen conveniently
    Works efficiently from a considerable distance

    ارائه دهنده بی سیم با اشاره گر لیزری مشکی

    3,165,000 تومان 7,476,000 تومان
    Palm-sized design proffers easy and comfortable grip
    Tactile keys with multi-coloured keypad facilitate effortless operations
    Equipped with various buttons for accessing menus

    نشانگر ارائه بی سیم مشکی

    2,603,000 تومان
    Makes your presentation more compelling via stable control, smooth page key, and red laser pointer
    Forward and back buttons seamlessly move your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides, along with a button to activate the laser pointer
    Make your point at the touch of a button with a bright red laser, easy to highlight any part of your presentation with complete effectiveness
    Delicate round keycap with simple and elegant design with powerful battery life ensures extensive usage

    از راه دور ارائه چند رسانه ای

    5,572,000 تومان 5,702,000 تومان

    کنترل از راه دور تهویه مطبوع جهانی با صفحه نمایش LCD سفید

    2,589,000 تومان
    No setting and it can control almost all air conditioners of one appointed brand
    Universal air conditioner remote adopts patent coding technology which is invented by our technical team
    Comes with the lcd display that helps to see the ac functionality while controlling

    نقطه دسترسی بی سیم سقفی سفید

    4,316,000 تومان 5,755,000 تومان
    Zero-Touch Provisioning, centralised cloud management, and intelligent monitoring
    Cloud access and omada app for ultra convenience and easy management
    Supports power over ethernet 802.3af/at for convenient deployment
    Simple mounting design for easy attachment to a wall or ceiling
    Along with multiple authentication options SMS/Facebook Wi-Fi/ Voucher and abundant wireless security technologies

    نمایشگر لیزری نقطه‌ای بی‌سیم حرفه‌ای خاکستری

    2,067,000 تومان 2,590,000 تومان
    USB+Type-C Universal- Support both interfaces, going above and beyond traditional presenters
    100 meters laser distances trong penetrability, suitable for large venues
    Optimized frequent key positions including full screen, black screen, and page-turning so you can focus on giving a more natural and effective presentation
    Magnetic receiver is cleverly hidden in the body to make it easy to find and hard to lose
    Built-in Mic on both earbuds with noise reduction enables hands-free call and delivers clearer talking sound in stereo mode
    Designed with buttons to go forward or back through your slides and to adjust the volume

    کنترل از راه دور 2 در 1 و صفحه کلید بی سیم مشکی

    4,656,000 تومان 4,709,000 تومان

    ارائه چند رسانه ای بلوتوث با نور پس زمینه از راه دور سیاه/خاکستری

    5,127,000 تومان 5,729,000 تومان


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