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    بلوندور مولتی روشن کننده پودر آبی 400 گرمی

    1,719,000 تومان 1,764,000 تومان
    Dust free powder lightener
    Contains anti-yellow molecules to help reduce undertones during lightening

    مولد رنگ 10 حجم

    1,764,000 تومان
    Suitable for all techniques work and requires a certain skill when applied, respectively, to work with it takes practice.

    رنگ معکوس 200 میلی لیتر

    3,739,000 تومان 5,820,000 تومان
    Offers radiant, long-lasting rich color that leaves your hair in better condition
    Gives you natural-looking, even color from root to tip that stays beautiful between colorings
    Makes your hair look silkier, shinier and healthier

    فیتوکالر 8 سی دی بلوند توت فرنگی

    1,910,000 تومان
    PHYTO COLOR respects the hair and scalp and minimizes the risk of allergies.
    This easy-to-apply, smooth cream does not run and allows for precise, even distribution from the roots of the hair to the ends.

    سایه رنگ دائمی فیتوکالر 9 بلوند بسیار روشن

    1,910,000 تومان
    Phytocolor Permanent Color combines advanced technology and botanical knowledge to create a plant-based hair dye for you that is suitable for sensitive scalps due to being formulated WITHOUT resorcin, PPD, parabens or ammonia
    Each of Phytocolor's shades contains high concentrations of pigments and plant extracts to give the hair a wonderful natural shade while taking care of their health in a collection of intense, permanent and deep colors with natural reflections.
    Phytocolor, now with a new packaging and a formula without PPD or ammonia, to take care of your hair while coloring.

    سایه رنگ دائمی فیتوکالر 4 قهوه ای

    2,469,000 تومان

    بدون اکسیدان فقط رنگ نارنجی 200 میلی لیتر

    1,793,000 تومان 2,057,000 تومان

    الیاف ساختمان مو رنگ مو قهوه ای تیره 27.5 گرم

    6,600,000 تومان 8,252,000 تومان

    ست 24 تکه رنگ مو گچی چند رنگ

    1,734,000 تومان 2,763,000 تومان


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