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    کولر سیاه و سفید Hyper 212 LED Turbo CPU سازگار

    6,953,000 تومان 7,066,000 تومان
    Offers a versatile all-in-one mounting solution for Intel and AMD sockets
    Improved universal bracket design ensures easy and worry-free installation
    Made with high grade material for prolonged usage
    Wide-range PWM fan with unique blade design and red LEDs for a visual appeal
    Versatile all-in-one mounting solution for Intel and AMD sockets

    CL-W116-PL16TR-A V-Tubler لوله PETG 5/8 اینچی (16 میلی متر) OD 4 بسته 1000 میلی متری شفاف

    2,124,000 تومان
    Material that use is reliable, non-toxic, and substance-free
    More solid walls ensure safe operation, enabling the users to make the best run as well as tightest bends
    Operating temperature ranges from -4℉ (-20℃) to 143.6℉ (62℃)
    Thermaltake introduces the V-Tubler PETG solid tubing for custom PC water cooling configurations
    V-Tubler rigid tubing allows users to route the tubes runs exactly to their heart's content

    فن خنک کننده هوا برای لپ تاپ 167 × 86 × 50 سانتی متر مشکی / طلایی

    3,656,000 تومان 4,247,000 تومان
    Engineered to achieve superior cooling while keeping noise levels to a minimum
    Furnished with industry-grade material that ensures long-lasting usage
    Extends the life and functionality of your laptop
    Optimally designed for user-friendly operability
    Convenient, reliable and comfortable to carry

    فن خنک کننده قابل حمل رز طلایی/مشکی/قرمز

    1,882,000 تومان 2,075,000 تومان
    Effectively dissipates heat and helps keep your device cool
    Optimally designed for user-friendly operability
    Made of top-class copper alloy for enhanced durability
    Multicolor light effects are available, which offer you a different and unique use

    تهویه خنک کننده قابل تنظیم مشکی/آبی

    1,586,000 تومان 6,132,000 تومان
    Durable material and lightweight design offers excellent portability and helps prevent overheating
    Mysterious blue led lights, give your laptop a truly alienistic experience
    Dual high performance 140mm fans can spin at 1200 rpm to dissipate heat from gaming laptops
    Effectively dissipates heat and helps keep your device cool
    Engineered to confer enhanced torque and higher strength for all applications

    4 کانال تنظیم کنترل سرعت LCD خنک کننده پنل جلو مشکی

    4,580,000 تومان
    Gives your system some breathing room
    Makes your system work faster
    Consumes less energy and proves its efficiency

    مادربرد UX100 5 ولت ARGB Sync 16.8 میلیون رنگ 15 آدرس پذیر LED Intel/AMD سوکت جهانی هیدرولیک بلبرینگ 65 واتی CPU خنک کننده سیاه

    3,091,000 تومان
    UX100 supports motherboards that have a 5V addressable RGB header, allowing you to control the lights directly
    The fan blades are built to generate a large volume of air passing through the aluminum heatsink at any angle for the steady air flow and cooling quality
    The hydraulic bearing self-lubricates with a high quality, friction-reducing substance that lowers operation noise and enhance thermal efficiency

    کولر هوای پردازنده RGB چند رنگ

    2,863,000 تومان 5,297,000 تومان

    کولر هوای پردازنده RGB چند رنگ

    3,516,000 تومان

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