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    ضد پیری و ضدچروک

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    کرم روز جهانی آنتی ایج در شیشه 50 میلی لیتری

    3,973,000 تومان 6,310,000 تومان

    مجموعه سیستم نانوتراشه‌درمانی شارژی Ultima A6 نقره‌ای/آبی 20 سانتی‌متری

    4,088,000 تومان 13,054,000 تومان
    More economical than derma roller, you just need to recharge the pen and replace cartridges after every use
    Promote beautiful healthy skin, in the comfort of your home
    Economical skin care tool with very good quality, which can help save a lot of skin care costs

    کرم چندکاره ایج پروتکت 40 میلی لیتری

    5,036,000 تومان 8,870,000 تومان
    Corrects and prevents from the signs of ageing by decreasing the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles
    Fights against the lack of tone
    Helps to prevent the pigment stains and gives vitality and radiance to the skin

    کرم جوان کننده شب اکتیو ایج دیفنس هیدروکسی اسید 30 میلی لیتری

    4,868,000 تومان
    Gives you the desired result and leaves you satisfied
    Safe and non-toxic make offers peace of mind
    Suitable for professional as well as personal use

    مرطوب کننده نجات چین و چروک 57 گرم

    2,894,000 تومان 3,418,000 تومان
    Naturally, moisturise and re-establish skins supple glow
    Absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any sticky residue behind
    Lightweight and compact structure allows for easy portability

    Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 درمان پرکننده چربی ضد پیری 48 میلی لیتر

    10,955,000 تومان 15,451,000 تومان
    Makes skin soft and supple,gives an even skin tone
    Offers strong antioxidant properties to fight against the signs of aging
    Restore skin's elasticity and smoothness
    Hydrates & nourishes skin cells to achieve radiant, and refreshed skin

    کنسانتره جوانی قوی رتینول 50 میلی لیتر

    3,548,000 تومان 6,383,000 تومان
    Promotes collagen synthesis and thus acts against wrinkles
    Retinol also works against acne and blemishes
    Consists of Brazilian carnauba wax, which has been proven to infuse the retinol even deeper
    Retinol intense serum contains the highest retinol concentration
    Intensively nourishing and regenerating serum with retinol

    کرم روز ضد پیری 7 در 1 افکت 20 گرم

    1,226,000 تومان 2,145,000 تومان
    Spf is 15

    کرم اثر جوان کننده جهانی 50 میلی لیتر

    6,981,000 تومان 7,400,000 تومان

    ضد پیری و ضدچروک

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