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    Baby Diaper Bag

    1,124,000 تومان 1,249,000 تومان
    Bags are specially designed to fulfil the daily needs for baby
    Adjustable strap for easy and easy carrying optation
    Multiple spacious compartments for carrying
    All parents loving its elegant design and standard
    Made with high-quality material ensure durability

    کیف پوشک بچه زیپ

    12,963,000 تومان
    Nurses in rendering the early basic training development of the child
    Fosters a hygienic craftsmanship that avoids affecting the little one's health
    Attuned with resolute material that proffers extensive utilisation
    Fabric and lining is made from high quality nylon
    Comes with zipper closure

    کیسه پوشک زیپ دار

    12,963,000 تومان
    Made of leather and nylon which is safe and durable to use
    Bag can swallow anything you throw at it with its large opening modeled after a doctor's bag
    Two sturdy zippers keep the contents safe and secure
    Outer pocket provide a place for things like keys or a cellphone you need access to quickly
    Places for bottles, diapers, wipes, and everything else you need can be found in the nursing bag

    ست کیسه پوشک مسافرتی 5 تکه چند کاره، 100% پلی استر - آبی تیره

    1,181,000 تومان
    Durable and water resistant microfiber, eco-friendly material, easy to clean. Multiple internal compartments make it extremely easy to locate the essentials without fiddling
    Extra spacious main compartment with multipay pocket, reliable zip-top closure with carry strap
    Multi pocket design to keep things organized and easy to find. Ideal for storing baby diapers, toys, water bottles, snacks and small towels
    Water-resistant and easy to clean. Practical design with Adopting a wide look and contrasting colors make you easily locate it
    Lumbar support and padded crossable straps for long wearing comfort

    کیسه پوشک چند منظوره ضد آب با ظرفیت بزرگ

    1,714,000 تومان 2,724,000 تومان
    It's convenient to put or take out things like clothes and milk boxes
    The top zipper opening has metal support inside which makes the bag 'no colapse' zipper
    There's an opening in the back of the bag with a waterproof pocket
    You can easily put things in the bottom of the bag
    Wet cloth or diapers can be put in the waterproof pocket separated from dry cloths and diapers

    کیف پوشک جورجی اکو

    6,268,000 تومان 8,358,000 تومان
    Water resistant and wipe clean outer material and lining
    Multiway strap with shoulder pad and integrated stroller straps
    Wide opening with zipped closure for security

    کیسه پوشک 3 تکه Robyn با تشک تعویض شده و ست نگهدارنده بطری عایق

    6,686,000 تومان 8,358,000 تومان

    کیسه پوشک مومی

    1,203,000 تومان 1,680,000 تومان

    کیف پوشک 2 تکه Roxy Vegan چرم با حصیر تعویض

    8,578,000 تومان

    کیسه های پوشک

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