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    برس سشوار مشکی

    1,372,000 تومان 2,713,000 تومان
    Protect Your Hair Geting HurtingProtect Your Hair Geting
    Flexible tangle free bristles help dry, smooth and style your hair
    straight hair comb, hair curler and straightener, that can be dried

    خشک کن و استایلر یک مرحله ای Revlon

    1,676,000 تومان 2,713,000 تومان
    Protect Your Hair Geting HurtingProtect Your Hair Geting
    Flexible tangle free bristles help dry, smooth and style your hair
    straight hair comb, hair curler and straightener, that can be dried

    گرز داغ سیاه و سفید

    8,415,000 تومان
    Barrel size 10 mm, Create tight skinny curls or natural loose waves
    Cool tip for easy manipulation
    Instantly heats up

    کرلینگ تانگ 22 میلی متری مشکی/طلایی 22 میلی متری

    7,264,000 تومان
    Ceramic shine infused barrel
    Heat ready indicator system
    Salon length swivel cord

    3 در 1 دیپ ویور چند رنگ

    11,634,000 تومان
    Removable, reversible wave plate for flexible styling
    Unique, extra wide middle barrel for the deepest waves
    Adjustable and instant heating (140-210*C)

    فر کننده حرفه ای مو طلایی/مشکی 400 میلی متری

    1,943,000 تومان 3,018,000 تومان
    Get a professional-looking hairstyle every time
    Its uniform heat recovery system creates long-lasting curls
    Distributes heat evenly and emits ions to eliminate frizz
    Has a large handle that is simple to grip

    S6606 صاف کننده کرل و استریت رز طلایی

    14,275,000 تومان
    Our unique twisted plates for easy curling and straightening.
    2-in-1 intuitive, simple styling that creates bouncy curls, soft waves and smooth, sleek styles.
    Advanced, ultra-smooth ceramic coated plates infused with anti-static tourmaline for an effortless glide and frizz free shine.

    Styler and Volumizer Brush Blow Dryer Styler for Straightening, Curling, Salon Negative Ion Ceramic Hot Air Hair Dryer Black 38 x 11.5 x 9cm

    2,896,000 تومان 6,762,000 تومان
    Unique Design: Hot air brush combined with nylon needle and tufted hair. The ergonomically designed handle provides maximum comfort. The oval brush can prevent hair from tangling, and has a massage ball head. The round nylon massage head comb can gently massage the head, relax the scalp and quickly and effectively organize the messy hair.
    Ion Technology: The ceramic-coated hair dryer generates millions of negative ions when heated, which helps to condition the hair and nourish damaged hair. It can saturate the airflow, improve the condition of the hair, help decompose water molecules, and speed up drying. Speed, smooth hair, make hair shiny, make your hair shiny and smooth.
    Easy to Use & Customized Settings: Adjustable temperatures 3 heats adjust making different hairstyles. The temperature control of the curling brush allows you to lock your hairstyle quickly and effectively, making it ideal for all hairstyles.
    Friendly Hair Salon: 360 degrees can be straightened at any angle and curling iron 2M rotating power cord. No matter where you are, you can carry it with you, and in less time, you can easily create beautiful hairstyles. You can get smooth, silky and shiny hair. Simple, fast, and lightweight, providing consistent results for all types of hair.

    فر کننده سرامیکی چرخشی قرمز 32x5cm

    1,676,000 تومان 6,066,000 تومان
    It is simple to operate this automated hair curler, choose the right temperature and scheduled time according your hair nature, to curl appropriate amount of hair at one time, press the rotation button,take out the hair when the buzzer start to ring, suitable for people of all ages with or without experience, making a perfect curly hairstyle for you,fast,easy and safe
    The constant temperature curler, which heats up hair fully and evenly,the animated curly style lasting longer, the two-way buttons, swirl your hair in the direction as you want, it is made of professional ceramic tarmaline, which produce ample negative ions and seal moisture within hair and protect scalp, to eliminate frizz and static electricity to the most extent
    Double layer heat insulation shell to prevent scalding fingers and face, come with inductive magnetic motor, sense the stress situation when curling, over the stress threshold,intelligent chipset inside will automatically cut off power, neither winding nor stretching, avoid hurting hair
    Digital temperature 180-410 ℉ (80-210 °C), 3-19 seconds timer design, creating different curls, quick heating in 30 seconds, suitable for all hair types
    Automatically shut down in one hour standby, power cord can be rotated by 360 degree without winding, coming with 110-220V dual output ensures it work safely all over the world, it is portable and ideal for traveling

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