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    هاب 7 پورت USB 3.0، پورت آلیاژ آلومینیوم قابل حمل USB 3.0 هاب با انتقال داده 5 گیگابیت در ثانیه و آداپتور برق USB-C برای MacBook، iMac، لپ تاپ، درایو فلش USB، هارد دیسک HDD، EZHub-7 Gray

    2,621,000 تومان 3,018,000 تومان
    Turn one of your computer's USB ports into seven USB 3.0 ports to sync & charge at the fastest speeds.
    A reinforced built-in cable, sturdy exterior and heat-resistant connectors give this hub incredible durability.
    USB-A interface with an additional USB-C adapter boosts the performance of this powerful hub
    EZhub-7 is perfect for peripherals like USB 3.0 hard drives, digital and video cameras and high-resolution webcams
    It is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

    آداپتور پریمیوم 4 در 1 USB C هاب خاکستری

    6,066,000 تومان
    Premium 4-in-1 USB-C Hub The USB-C and USB-A Connectivity Station
    Sync data from a thumb drive, plug in USB peripherals, and charge a MacBook at full speed—all from the same hub.
    Access 5 Gbps data transfer speeds, letting you transfer movies, music, and an entire vacation's worth of photos in seconds.
    USB-C Power Delivery supports uninterrupted pass-through charging. Get more done while charging your MacBook, and shatter the limitations of having a single USB-C port.

    USB-C 3-in-1 Simple Plug And Play Travel Hub White

    3,018,000 تومان
    Features a compact design and is easy to transport anywhere
    Seamless integration with the dedicated device to assure smooth functionality
    Implementation of latest technology in the designing to assure matchless performance

    هاب 6 پورت USB 3.1 USB Type C با 4K و اترنت نقره ای

    11,191,000 تومان 15,029,000 تومان

    هاب USB 4 در 1 نوع C خاکستری/مشکی

    8,238,000 تومان 10,010,000 تومان

    هاب USB 5 در 1 چند منظوره Type-C با VGA و HDMI خاکستری

    10,896,000 تومان 13,258,000 تومان
    Seamless integration with the dedicated device to ensure smooth functionality
    Provides a smooth and effortless experience for connecting your USB-C enabled device
    Lightweight and compact build allows for easy portability

    هاب USB 2 پورت Type-C خاکستری/مشکی

    4,846,000 تومان 5,761,000 تومان

    CASA A01m USB 3.1، نوع C کلاسیک HDMI 4 در 1 هاب نقره ای

    8,209,000 تومان 10,010,000 تومان

    کارت خوان داخلی 14.5x7.5x4.2cm مشکی

    1,903,000 تومان 2,836,000 تومان
    USB 3.0 and Type-C interface for an efficient and effortless data transfer
    6 card slots offer quick and easy access to the most common-used card formats
    LED working indicator makes you easy to know the reading status

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