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    تلویزیون هوشمند LED 50 اینچی 4K UHD UDE50HR316ANT مشکی

    25,175,000 تومان 79,355,000 تومان
    This 4K Ultra HD TV delivers an absolutely stunning detail for an amazing immersive visual experience
    Watch your favorite shows and movies in stunning clarity This TV produces stellar details in all shades of light and offers you an incredible TV-viewing experience
    You can access your favorite entertainment on this appliance without compromising standards and/or options
    With the Noon East TV you can experience rich audio while watching movies, listening to music, or playing games
    On the Noon East TV enjoy content on a wide range of platforms that suit your needs and preferences seamlessly

    تلویزیون ال ای دی 32 اینچی فول اچ دی NTV3272LED6 / NTV3272LED9 / NTV3272LED1 مشکی

    7,264,000 تومان 17,615,000 تومان
    The Nikai 32 Inch HD LED TV, with its HD resolution of 1366 x 768 will let you experience a wonderful view of your device
    Designed with 3 HDMI ports to connect gaming consoles and media drives, and 1 USB port to connect various compatible input devices
    Dual-channel 16W speakers deliver thumping bass and immersive sound
    Features a 6.5ms response time to ensure a smooth gaming experience
    Lightweight design with wall mounting capability allows you to eliminate wire clutter for easy installation

    تلویزیون LED هوشمند 32 اینچی HD NTV3200SLEDT / NTV3200SLEDT3 / NTV3200SLED3 مشکی

    9,088,000 تومان 20,135,000 تومان
    HD-ready LED TV offers an image resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels to deliver exceptional colour uniformity and sharpness in every scene
    Designed with 3 HDMI ports to connect gaming consoles, media drives, and 2 USB ports to connect various compatible input devices
    Built-in Wi-Fi and DLNA technology allow you to stream various web-based online content from your compatible smart device
    Ultra-slim frame of the HD LED TV allows for convenient wall mounting to accentuate your living space
    Dual-channel speakers with 12W sound output offer an immersive listening experience

    تلویزیون ال ای دی هوشمند 65 اینچی Ultra HD Android UHD65SLEDT1 / UHD65SLEDT2 مشکی

    31,207,000 تومان 76,418,000 تومان
    65-inch 4K LED TV with Retina Display delivers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and offers razor-sharp image clarity in every visual sequence
    Quad-Core processor combines with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM to upscale standard definition content to 4K image resolution
    Designed with 3 HDMI ports to connect gaming consoles, media drives, and 2 USB ports to connect various compatible input devices
    Google TV organises your favourite TV shows, movies, and music content in a unified interface for easy access
    Dual-channel 20W speakers deliver exceptional sound clarity with balanced lows, mids, and highs

    تلویزیون LED هوشمند 55 اینچی 4K GLED5508SFHD مشکی

    27,604,000 تومان 39,111,000 تومان
    Optimizes picture quality to deliver smooth, fluid images with incredible detail and depth
    Optimized picture quality to deliver crisp images with nice contrast
    Offers low power consumption with high brightness and vibrant colours
    Outfitted with a 55-inch FHD screen for wide photo-realistic visuals
    The slim Geepas GLED5508SFHD Smart LED TV with 4K Ultra HD capability is a perfect choice for your home theater system. This Clear FHD LED TV model uses an A7 Dual Core CPU, which turns it into a Smart TV and you can browse multimedia content on the Internet and watch them on big screen

    تلویزیون LED هوشمند 50 اینچی Ultra HD Android UHD5010SLED مشکی

    20,135,000 تومان 42,431,000 تومان
    Plug your USB memory drive or HDD into the TV and enjoy movies, photos or music
    HDMI provides high- speed transmission of high definition digital data
    Transform your living room into a multimedia entertainment centre
    Enjoy crisp and clear full Ultra HD picture quality
    High dynamic range lets you enjoy a wide spectrum of colors and visual details

    تلویزیون هوشمند اندروید 55 اینچی 4K UHD UHD55SLED/UHD5510SLED مشکی

    22,655,000 تومان 62,541,000 تومان
    Ultra-fine 4K picture quality enables you to lose yourself in the movies and shows you are watching
    Large 55-inch display size helps you enjoy a comfortable viewing experience from different angles
    Sleek, slim design adds a touch of modern elegance to your living room
    Made with high quality material ensure durability
    HDMI provides high- speed transmission of high definition digital data
    high- speed transmission of high definition digital data

    تلویزیون هوشمند فول اچ دی 43 اینچ LED UA43T5300AU مشکی

    24,948,000 تومان 40,197,000 تومان
    Features a 1080p FHD display to deliver an immersive visual experience
    Equipped with an efficient sound output to offer a full-blown audio experience
    Tizen operating system allows you to smoothly navigate through various applications
    Comes with an HDMI and USB port for seamless media connectivity
    Comes with an easy-to-install base to ensure stability on any flat tabletop

    تلویزیون هوشمند LED HD 32 اینچی GLED3202SEHD مشکی

    9,348,000 تومان 20,135,000 تومان
    Full HD LED display showcases up to 16.7 million colours for vibrant visuals
    Dual-channel stereo speakers deliver exceptional audio clarity
    Android TV is compatible with various smart applications for added user convenience
    Wide viewing angle ensures maximum colour uniformity
    Features built-in streaming platforms including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Disney, and more

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