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    Care Keratin Smoothing 2-phase Spray Blue 200ml

    2,743,000 تومان 7,857,000 تومان
    This instant conditioning and detangling spray is enriched with Keratin and Silsoft
    That work to regulate the moisture balance while strengthening and smoothing the hair
    The low pH level soothes the cuticle and enhances the hair’s shine

    پک COMBO Smooth Care Fanola (شامپو صاف کننده 350 میلی لیتر، ماسک صاف کننده مو 500 میلی لیتر، شامپو صاف کننده 350 میلی لیتر)

    4,237,000 تومان

    بامبو نرم و ضد وز AM بامبو کننده نرم کننده در روز 5 اونس

    2,477,000 تومان 3,322,000 تومان
    Heat activated formula seals in moisture and locks out frizz and humidity for 72 hours
    Smoothens even the thickest, most unmanageable hair types
    Clinically proven to reduce breakage by 88%
    Creates a lightweight 360 degree shield around each strand to block humidity

    صاف کننده مو قهوه ای/مشکی

    4,115,000 تومان 6,309,000 تومان
    Style your hair and get a straightened hair look
    Temperature control ensures that exposed hair does not get dull due to excessive heat
    Can be used to flip, curl, wave and more
    Flaunt your beautiful and polished hair and create a bold fashion statement
    Surprise your friends with your makeover and look stunningly attractive with smooth, glossy hair

    آهن سرامیک انرژی نقره ای/مشکی

    10,751,000 تومان 16,476,000 تومان
    This is made with last generation ceramics that transmit high temperatures very quickly
    Its thermal plus plastic is resistant to high temperature

    مدل موی پرفکت روز این دوش 148 میلی لیتر

    1,791,000 تومان 2,377,000 تومان
    Innovative styler that is applied in the shower and lightly rinsed, leaving behind only what you need to create beautiful air-dried styles
    Features the Thickening Molecule (PBAE) and lightweight conditioners
    Delivers enhanced natural texture
    Ideal for straight to slightly wavy hair
    Safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair

    اسانس Semi Di Lino Sublime 2x13ml

    2,682,000 تومان 3,353,000 تومان
    Helps repair capillary fibers & seals the hair cuticle
    Formulated with vitamin f to offer hair protection
    Hair appears softer smoother & shinier

    درمان صاف کننده کراتین طبیعی 8 اونس

    6,976,000 تومان 21,660,000 تومان
    Helps repair hair
    Helps reduce frizz
    Up to 3 levels of curl reduction
    Offers a soothing effect to irritated scalp
    Accoutred to reinforce stimulating micro circulation
    Rich blend of essential oils tones the scalp while strengthening hair strands

    کیت سیستم صاف کننده کراتینه برزیل 2 انس

    12,608,000 تومان
    Effectuates frizz control and offers long-lasting protection against humidity
    Helps to protect your hair from future damages
    Regulates metabolism and balances scalp condition, making hair silky and smooth

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