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    سیستم بلندگو Z623 THX 2.1 با ساب ووفر مشکی

    11,750,000 تومان 19,306,000 تومان
    Certified Intensity : These Logitech PC speakers are THX-Certified, so you know you're guaranteed big premium 2.1 sound quality when you're listening to music , watching videos or playing games
    Custom Sound Control : This 2.1 speaker system gives you complete control of your listening experience, with integrated controls to monitor volume and bass intensity of your favourite music
    Powerful Sound : Immerse yourself in your favourite music albums, PC entertainment or gaming session, with intense 200 Watt wired speakers and a powerful 130 Watt subwoofer - for big sound you can feel
    Multiple Connections : These PC speakers provide versatile connectivity, with an integrated headphone jack, two 3.5mm inputs and an RCA input - making multi-device connectivity easy
    Quality Assured : Logitech are experts you can trust, and for more than 30 years we have created high-quality wired and wireless portable audio products that bring your sound to life

    اسپیکر استریو 2.0 کانال مشکی

    2,154,000 تومان 2,698,000 تومان
    Delivers superior stereo sound with powerful bass
    Features a single knob to easily control power and volume
    Compact size and lightweight design make it highly portable

    سیستم بلندگوی قابل حمل آبی/قرمز

    9,879,000 تومان 19,546,000 تومان
    Features a bluetooth technology that facilitates seamless wireless connection
    Fuelled by a massive rechargeable li-ion battery
    Decked with efficient mic which aids in enhanced functionality
    Fused with FM radio and karaoke function that boasts added entertainment
    Features frequency of 100-20KHz and battery capacity of 1200 mAh

    اسپیکر ترکیبی چوبی باس استریو قهوه ای/مشکی

    1,592,000 تومان
    Durable construction allows for long term use
    Features dual high-performance loudspeakers
    High-grade loudspeakers will bring you wonderful music
    Crafted using energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials
    Steady and undistorted bass sound effect with stereo sound surrounding

    بلندگوی باس استریو مشکی

    1,542,000 تومان 1,768,000 تومان
    High-grade loudspeakers will bring you wonderful music
    Features dual high-performance loudspeakers
    Steady and undistorted bass sound effect with stereo sound surrounding
    Crafted using energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials
    Durable construction allows for long term use

    بلندگوی قرآن با ریموت کنترل طلایی/سبز/زرد

    1,564,000 تومان 2,721,000 تومان
    Stacked with high quality 14 reciters and 12 voice translations
    Provides users with 2 working modes to choose from
    Includes a remote control that lets you control the device from a considerable distance
    Embedded with 3 levels repetition and voice speed control function for added user convenience
    3 Levels repetition and Voice Speed Control

    میکروفون سیمی قرمز

    2,993,000 تومان
    Outstanding sound quality, the microphone makes sure your voice can be delivered clearly
    Gold-plated USB connector: durable and oxidation resisting
    Equipped with heavy metal piece and non-slip mat, ensuring the microphone can stand firmly
    Cardan shaft design, as the User can adjust the angle freely

    اسپیکر USB قابل حمل مشکی

    1,499,000 تومان 2,245,000 تومان
    Renders powerful bass and treble for a seamless audio experience
    Compact form factor facilitates to carry everywhere you go
    Efficiently avoids distorted music
    Proficiently anchored to offer a higher level of functionality and efficiency
    Premium material construction exhibits abrasion resistant durability

    بلندگوی سیمی ساب ووفر باس استریو مشکی

    1,655,000 تومان 2,245,000 تومان
    Button on its body allows user to control playlist
    Immense audio quality with surround stereo
    Speaker provides superior sound with enhanced bass
    Equipped with intelligent frequency division technology, you get amazing music
    High-grade loudspeaker will bring you amazing music, a super companion for your outdoor activity and daily life

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