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    کیف های دوره گرد

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    کیف منگوله ای مشکی

    1,450,000 تومان 3,381,000 تومان
    Outfitted with a zipper closure to keep your essentials safe and secure
    Uniquely designed with tassels at the front that lend it a chic look
    Offers adequate space to accommodate essential carry-ons
    Offers a handle of length 19 cm for carrying comfortably

    کیف Ruched Hobo با دسته و بسته شدن زیپ مشکی

    1,294,000 تومان 2,615,000 تومان

    کیسه هوبو بافت دار با دسته و دکمه مغناطیسی بسته بندی نواری

    1,426,000 تومان 2,377,000 تومان

    کیسه هوبو بافت دار با دسته و دکمه مغناطیسی بسته مشکی

    1,426,000 تومان 2,377,000 تومان

    Ruched بافت مشکی دوره گرد

    1,691,000 تومان 3,408,000 تومان
    Beautiful And Super Trendy Pattern
    Extremely Shapely And Charming Shoulder Bag
    Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

    ویسکی کیسه Hensely Hobo

    7,421,000 تومان 11,388,000 تومان
    Smooth and durable PU upper
    Main compartment with zipper closure
    Secure internal slip-in slot
    Adjustable shoulder straps with snap-button closure
    Dimensions: H 11 x W 13 x D 2.5 inch

    کیف شانه رترو

    2,642,000 تومان 3,936,000 تومان
    Glossy animal print textured upper
    Main compartment with secure zipper closure
    Single inner pocket with zipper closure
    Single shoulder strap
    Specialist clean only

    کیف شانه سافیانو رزگلد

    5,758,000 تومان 16,716,000 تومان
    Features stylish and sophisticated design
    Spacious compartment ensures sufficient storage capacity
    Made of high quality material that provides toughness and durability

    دوخته شده جزییات کیف دوره گردی مشکی

    2,060,000 تومان 5,283,000 تومان
    Spacious compartment ensures sufficient storage capacity
    The lightweight and high quality material ensures longevity
    The zip fastening ensures all your things are safe inside with zero risk of falling out

    کیف های دوره گرد

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