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    Sun After Sun Repair 100ml

    5,589,000 تومان 11,035,000 تومان
    For all skin types
    Liposomal after sun lotion that actively supports the repair mechanism of the skin.
    Provides long lasting moisturization that helps prevents the visible form of prematurely aged skin such as wrinkles, rough skin and loss of elasticity.
    Supports skin's repair system to prevent skin damage.
    Has comfortable light scent.

    ژل کرم حساس بعد از آفتاب NIVEA SUN، بیو آلوئه ورا و آنتی اکسیدان، 2x175 میلی لیتر

    2,244,000 تومان
    SOOTHING & CALMING EFFECT: Soothing and calming formula with Bio-Aloe Vera and Antioxidant, relieves instantly from irritations and reduces redness
    HYDRATION: Hydrates for 48h and strenghtens skin's protective barrier
    LIGHT & COOLING: Light cooling texture and especially mild on the skin
    SENSITIVE: Suitable for sensitive and sun allergic skin, unperfumed
    CREAM-GEL TEXTURE: Non-sticky, non-greasy, absorbs quickly

    لوسیون ضد آفتاب مرطوب کننده بعد از آفتاب NIVEA SUN، روغن آلوئه ورا و آووکادو، 2x200 میلی لیتر

    2,444,000 تومان
    Moisturising after sun lotion formulated with aloe vera and avocado oil
    Helps to restore the skin moisture loss
    Avoids peeling and flaking, leaves a smooth and silky skin feeling
    Non-sticky, absorbs quickly
    Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

    کرم روز ماندگاری لایت هسته انگور و خولان دریایی SPF30 60 میلی لیتر

    1,224,000 تومان 1,250,000 تومان
    Potent combination of SPF 30, grape seed oil and sea buckthorn oil
    Antioxidants in sea buckthorn oil keep skin sun protected
    Grape seed oil helps cell repair and regeneration
    Light, non greasy and no white patches
    Plum products are PETA-certified vegan & cruelty-free. No parabens, phthalates, SLS & no harmful ingredients. We love nature's goodness and give away 1% of every sale to environmental causes

    پک چند رنگ روشن کننده پوست 200 گرم

    1,536,000 تومان

    لوسیون پس از آفتاب آلوئه ورا 200 میلی لیتر

    1,276,000 تومان 1,692,000 تومان
    It helps hydrate, moisturise, cool and protect the skin after exposure to the sun
    It will protect you from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays and moisturise, soothe and cool your skin
    Protects from risks of cellular damage

    ژل 100% آلوئه ورا 12 اونس

    1,380,000 تومان

    محافظ حرفه ای پس از آفتاب ژل خنک کننده و مرطوب کننده 150 میلی لیتر

    5,206,000 تومان
    Effectively reduces skin darkening, protects against sunburn
    Powerhouse ingredient protects the skin from dangerous uv rays
    Antioxidants rejuvenates and hydrates the skin cells

    ست آمپول 7 عددی After Sun 0.06 انس

    12,584,000 تومان
    A repairing active concentrate for sun stressed skin
    Formulated with rosemary extract to strengthen skin's own natural defenses
    Promote skin rejuvenation while reducing redness

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