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    ماسک غواصی با کوه قرمز

    1,277,000 تومان 2,580,000 تومان
    Scuba Mask Action Camera Mount The scuba mask with the action camera mount helps to tightly attach the action camera to the mount and keep it sturdy from moving around The angle from the mask gives the optimum viewer experience under water
    Compatibility for GoPro Hero 9 hero 8 hero 7, for SJCAM, for YI Action Camera Attach your action camera directly to the snorkel mask mount and it will help to keep the camera tight and in place and mount it forward for the angle
    High Quality The twin lens design & low volume for clearer underwater vision It's suitable for all adult faces, it's optimal sealing ensures a perfect waterproof performance due to flex and soft silicone skirt fast swiveling buckle for easy adjust High quality food-grade liquid silicone skirt and strap, non-toxic, no smell, corrosion resistant of salt water, no harmful substance
    Easy to Use Solid one piece frame camera mount and ergonomic mount ensures no contact of camera with forehead lens design with open access nose pocket Camera can be removed and placed into the mount in one click and the mount can be carried in your bag
    Compact & Portable The product is easy to carry and comes with lightweight and compact body The product is able to handle abuse and can be used on a daily basis The construction of the body is on quality materials

    کاف CF-BL-3 زغالی

    3,779,000 تومان 3,884,000 تومان
    Anodized aluminum adjuster locks Cuff in an open position or cinches to your wrist
    When not using Cuff, keep it handy (literally) by wrapping it around your wrist and wearing it as a bracelet with the adjustable magnetic clasp
    New adjuster hardware lets you keep Cuff locked in an open loop so you can easily fit your hand through. Pull the adjuster to cinch Cuff around your wrist for more security
    Adjustable magnet lets you wear Cuff as a bracelet when not in use
    Comes with our newest V4 Anchor connectors, which hold 200lbs (90kg) each

    بند کمربند دوربین برای دوربین DSLR مشکی

    4,281,000 تومان 5,584,000 تومان

    CP-BK-3 سیاه را ضبط کنید

    6,186,000 تومان 12,600,000 تومان

    CP-S-3 نقره ای را بگیرید

    6,439,000 تومان 7,550,000 تومان

    بند کشویی SL-BK-3 مشکی

    5,030,000 تومان 5,135,000 تومان

    بند اسلاید SL-AS-3 Ash

    5,807,000 تومان 6,287,000 تومان

    بند Slide Lite SLL-BK-3 مشکی

    4,718,000 تومان 5,807,000 تومان

    Slide Lite Strap SLL-AS-3 Ash

    5,187,000 تومان

    بند دوچشمی، دوربین و فیلمبرداری

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