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    بلندگوهای حرفه ای دو کاناله با USB - اسلات کارت SD و میکروفون بی سیم GMS8425 مشکی

    4,353,000 تومان 5,403,000 تومان
    Wireless microphone that makes it convenient to use
    LED display for better understanding
    Accompanied with an adjustable master volume

    سیستم بلندگوی چند رسانه ای 2.1 کانالی با USB - اسلات کارت SD و رادیو FM - بلوتوث GMS8515 مشکی

    3,219,000 تومان 3,537,000 تومان
    Usb and bluetooth support helps user to directly play the mp3 files
    Built-in f.m to make your f.m radio experience wonderful
    Supported with sd card slot to play mp3 music anytime
    Operates a frequency response of 20hz-20khz
    Provided with wireless remote to operate the system

    2.1 سیستم بلندگوی چند رسانه ای GMS8585 مشکی

    3,311,000 تومان 4,512,000 تومان
    Includes sub-woofers for crisp sound and delivering an immersive audio experience
    The remote control makes it accessible from distant places
    The robust body ensures higher durability quotient
    Offers compatibility with both SD card and USB inputs
    Supports Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless music experience

    بلندگوی سینمای خانگی بلوتوث چند رسانه ای Groove 2.1 با نمایشگر LED، کنترل از راه دور، پخش USB (RMS 28W) EM-3690FT Black Groove 2.1

    2,471,000 تومان 4,308,000 تومان
    With stereo sound and rich bass, this stylish home theatre system enhances your aural experience at home
    The durable wooden cabinet of the subwoofer and the speakers delivers high-quality acoustics for an impressive aural experience
    The exquisite build uplifts the vibe of the whole room while you control the playback seamlessly courtesy the remote controller
    It supports instant wireless connectivity with Bluetooth v5 0 Apart from the wireless connectivity, the user has other options in the form of AUX, USB, and SD Card as well
    Subwoofer lets you feel the beat of your favorite tracks by delivering punchy bass throughout the room

    بلندگوهای چند رسانه ای با صدای استریو Z150 مشکی

    2,585,000 تومان
    Enrich your music and movie experience with room-filling sound and adjustable bass
    Flaunts a clear voice mode that makes movie dialogue stand out and easier to hear
    Feel the music and action in high-performance all-around sound

    سینمای خانگی 5.1ch با فناوری Dolby Digital، بلوتوث، صفحه نمایش LED HT461B مشکی

    10,960,000 تومان 17,549,000 تومان
    5.1CH home theatre Dolby sound bar system 230W
    5.1ch, Optical,HDMI(ARC),DSP, AUX,Bluetooth, USB, white LED display,EQ,remote control
    Support Dolby digital Technology certified
    Output Power: 230W; Peak Power: 460W 4,Speaker units
    Bluetooth: Version 5.0+EDR, 15m

    بلندگو بلوتوث 2.1 ch با اسلات کارت usb/sd و عملکرد رادیو FM بلندگو بلوتوث مشکی

    6,040,000 تومان 7,226,000 تومان
    Massive Design: This Bluetooth speaker features a dark black color with five buttons at the center You can place this set of multimedia Bluetooth speaker on any of your table or living room to experience smooth and surround sound across the room
    Superior Quality Speakers: These Bluetooth Speakers are built of heavy-duty material which makes it durable The integrated sturdy roller buttons glide smoothly and maintains its position perfectly The prints on the full function remote won’t rub off for years
    Versatile Uses: These sturdy Bluetooth speakers can be used to entertain a group of people during a barbeque or other family functions The USB and SD slot provides multiple options to play your favorite songs You can also listen to your favorite radio channel on it
    Highly-Functional Speakers: These multimedia speakers can read MP3 format easily You can check all the important details on the speaker’s LED display Its powerful amplifier circuit and subwoofer for better sound quality and automation
    Product Specifications: These versatile Bluetooth speakers can read USB, SD Cards, and MP3 format The Hi-Fi surround sound providing speakers offers volume, channel, and play/pause input controls The subwoofers boost the low frequency audio

    اسپیکر تلفن همراه P710E - سری Business مشکی

    9,752,000 تومان 11,070,000 تومان
    The Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e gives you hands-free calling and great audio for your phone or tablet
    Noise-cancelling technology helps ensure everyone can hear and be heard
    Speakerphone provides long battery life with up to 15 hours of talk time
    When you’re ready to jump on a call, connect your mobile phone or tablet to the P710e speakerphone using Bluetooth with optional NFC pairing or the attached USB cable
    Easily pair and unpair NFC-enabled mobile devices by simply touching them together

    اسپیکر 5.1 کاناله چند رسانه ای CK806 مشکی

    7,797,000 تومان 12,732,000 تومان
    Usb and bluetooth support helps user to directly play the mp3 files
    Built-in f.m to make your f.m radio experience wonderful
    Supported with sd card slot to play mp3 music anytime
    Featutes 5x3 inch (12w) satellite system and 5.25 inch (35w) sub-woofer
    Provided with wireless remote to operate the system

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