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    بلندگوهای حرفه ای دو کاناله با USB - اسلات کارت SD و میکروفون بی سیم GMS8425 مشکی

    5,004,000 تومان 6,211,000 تومان
    Wireless microphone that makes it convenient to use
    LED display for better understanding
    Accompanied with an adjustable master volume

    سیستم بلندگوی چند رسانه ای 2.1 کانالی با USB - اسلات کارت SD و رادیو FM - بلوتوث GMS8507 مشکی

    8,459,000 تومان 10,075,000 تومان
    High quality textured design with easy to access controls
    Intelligent number keys for track selection
    Features a wireless remote

    سیستم بلندگوی چند رسانه ای 2.1 کانالی با USB - اسلات کارت SD و رادیو FM - بلوتوث GMS8515 مشکی

    3,701,000 تومان 4,066,000 تومان
    Usb and bluetooth support helps user to directly play the mp3 files
    Built-in f.m to make your f.m radio experience wonderful
    Supported with sd card slot to play mp3 music anytime
    Operates a frequency response of 20hz-20khz
    Provided with wireless remote to operate the system

    سیستم بلندگوی چند رسانه ای 2.1 کانالی با USB - اسلات کارت SD و رادیو FM - بلوتوث GMS8516 مشکی

    3,102,000 تومان 4,405,000 تومان
    USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding
    Super big wooden cabinet subwoofer and satellites delivers heart-thumping bass
    Plug and play USB/SD card reader
    Uninterrupted digital FM working on PLL technology
    FM storage up to 100 stations

    2.1 سیستم بلندگوی چند رسانه ای GMS8585 مشکی

    3,807,000 تومان 5,187,000 تومان
    Includes sub-woofers for crisp sound and delivering an immersive audio experience
    The remote control makes it accessible from distant places
    The robust body ensures higher durability quotient
    Offers compatibility with both SD card and USB inputs
    Supports Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless music experience

    اسپیکر 2.0 کانالی اکتیو حرفه ای SPS-7908R مشکی

    5,782,000 تومان 6,287,000 تومان
    Perfect Sound and Performance: This professional speaker comes with a Piezo Tweeter feature and a Built-in Amplifier to give you a clear sound The Sonashi active speaker comes with a wireless microphone and a remote control
    Bluetooth Function: Efficient enough, the wireless Bluetooth are easy to connect with other devices The active professional digital speakers offer truly high-quality music listening experience
    Remote Control: Adjust mic volume, echo, bass, and have Tweeter control over your speaker with the remote control You can also very easily adjust volume, song order and mute off functions
    Other Important Features: This Bluetooth speaker also comes with a recording function and LED Display It has a colorful LED Disco Light and Digital Karaoke so all your parties are sorted The rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy music all day long
    Specifications: This Remote Control Professional Speaker has a 15W Audio Output Power It is an 8 Inch speaker with 4 Ohm Nominal Impedance It has a frequency response that ranges from 40Hz to 20,000Hz

    اسپیکر USB قابل حمل مشکی

    2,372,000 تومان 2,580,000 تومان
    Renders powerful bass and treble for a seamless audio experience
    Compact form factor facilitates to carry everywhere you go
    Efficiently avoids distorted music
    Proficiently anchored to offer a higher level of functionality and efficiency
    Premium material construction exhibits abrasion resistant durability

    بلندگوهای چند رسانه ای با صدای استریو Z150 مشکی

    2,398,000 تومان 2,473,000 تومان
    Enrich your music and movie experience with room-filling sound and adjustable bass
    Flaunts a clear voice mode that makes movie dialogue stand out and easier to hear
    Feel the music and action in high-performance all-around sound

    سینمای خانگی 5.1ch با فناوری Dolby Digital، بلوتوث، صفحه نمایش LED HT461B مشکی

    12,600,000 تومان 20,174,000 تومان
    5.1CH home theatre Dolby sound bar system 230W
    5.1ch, Optical,HDMI(ARC),DSP, AUX,Bluetooth, USB, white LED display,EQ,remote control
    Support Dolby digital Technology certified
    Output Power: 230W; Peak Power: 460W 4,Speaker units
    Bluetooth: Version 5.0+EDR, 15m

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