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    UniFi Dream Machine Pro All-In-One Enterprise Security Gateway White

    31,923,000 تومان
    All-in-one 1U rack appliance for small to medium sized businesses
    Combines new UniFi OS with 8-port switch and security gateway.
    UniFi Protect video surveillance NVR with off-the-shelf 3.5" HDD support.
    8-port Gigabit Switch with 1 Gbps RJ45 and 10G SFP+ LAN.

    سوئیچ رومیزی 8 پورت گیگابیتی مشکی

    1,946,000 تومان
    Provides eight Gigabit ports for easy expansion of your network
    Ideal for transferring files quickly and online gaming
    Plug-and-play networking switch features Green Technology to save energy and reduce heat

    سوئیچ رومیزی 5 پورت گیگابیتی مشکی

    1,248,000 تومان 2,450,000 تومان
    Green ethernet technology saves power consumption of 2.4W
    IEEE 802.3x flow control allows reliable data transmission
    Energy saving technology for Ethernet that reduces consumption up to 70%
    Plastic case, desktop or wall-mounting design
    5 RJ45 Gigabit ports with automatic speed detection, support for automatic MDI / MDIX

    سوئیچ شبکه اترنت 5 پورت گیگابیتی TL-SG1005D، Plug And Play، رومیزی یا دیواری، جداکننده قاب پلاستیکی، بدون فن، بهینه سازی ترافیک، چند رنگ مدیریت نشده

    1,156,000 تومان 1,191,000 تومان
    5 Gigabit Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports, Supports Auto MDI / MDIX
    Green Ethernet technology saves power consumption
    IEEE 8023x flow control provides reliable data transfer
    Plastic case, desktop or wall-mounting design
    Plug and play, no configuration required

    کلید 4 تکه وای فای کنترل از راه دور خاموش کردن روشنایی ست سفید

    2,979,000 تومان
    Remotely control the devices by turning them on from any location at any time
    Wireless smart power switch with power usage monitoring, which functions like a charge calculator
    Allows users to more easily conserve electricity by using the app to calculate their power usage
    Supports iOS and Android app EweLink

    سوئیچ زن 3 در 1 HDMI با 4K 1080P TMDS سیاه/سفید

    1,676,000 تومان
    Assists fast charging and concomitant transmission of data
    Heat-resistant connector ensures complete safety and reliability
    Made of quality material that provides stable and reliable connectivity

    3 پورت 3x1 HDMI Splitter مشکی

    1,667,000 تومان 1,900,000 تومان
    Speed is 3.4Gbps

    M3 Gigabit Access Controller Switch Silver

    5,037,000 تومان
    Optimally made for ease of use
    Made of high-quality material, which makes it durable
    Compact design makes it portable

    سوئیچ وای فای هوشمند Sonoff RFR3 سفید

    1,612,000 تومان
    Manage devices from your phone, anywhere and anytime
    Support for Alexa and Google Assistant to turn on/off device
    Control devices with a remote controller with 433MHz

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